Chin Ups

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by carlbcfc, May 20, 2009.

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  1. I brought one of them Powerbars someone here recomended. First off, great product, if recomend it. No damage to door at all.

    But my problem is when I do chin up it feels like im going to rip my stomach open. Why?
  2. Perhaps it's because you are a thick brummie who keeps starting bone threads?
  3. Yeah good advice, solved the problem that.
  4. Do more of them, your abdominals will get used to supporting your torso, you'll look sexy.

    Win, win combo dude!

    Training your back muscles, and you get a set of bumpy ab's to boot!

    Edit: unless i've been wah'd. in which case, you're going to burst your ribcage through your stomach if you do one more pull up, stop immediately.
  5. Cheers Lampard. Ive not done them for about 5 years and never had that tearing pain before you see.

    spaz... it was a genuin question which you again had no sensible answer for, but still replied to. If you dont like it why waste your time replying to a "thick brummie"?
  6. Ay, i'm no physio but my guess would just be atrophy in ur tyre muscles ;)

    good luck dude!
  7. (Wah Shields to maximum, Mr Scott!)Probably because you lack Core Strength; if you have access to a gym, try doing Ab Crunches on a Swiss Ball. At home, try the Reverse Bridge/the Plank, as these will streghten the Core.(Wah Shields off, Mr Scott! Give me Warp Factor 9...)
  8. Or, if you fancy something different, try some sit ups with a weights plate on your chest.

    Or if you want to be REALLY mean, get some weight on a bar and start squatting.

    Crunches are all well and good, but those ab's don't have a choice when they're helping support a decent amount of iron across your shoulders.
  9. Just trying to help you out fella, if you want to join the army just do it ffs and stop talking about it. What are you going to ask next, which are the best pants for doing situps in?

    If you want genuine advice about a medical issue, this isn't the place to ask unless you want replies from spotty little scrotes about to take a barb test.
  10. I see your point spaz. Good advice is avaliable here though.

    Squats it is.
  11. Good lad =D
  12. Alternate Chin Ups with Pull Ups every day you do a upper body work out.