Chin ups - "How dae ye dae that?"

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by gobbyidiot, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. I was in the park on Wednesday, ran some intervals up stairs, did some dips and a couple of sets of pull ups to failure.

    I was half way through a set of chins and I heard the plaintiff cry of the lesser spotted Glaswegian - "Howdaeyedaethat, howdaeyedaethat etc". I finished and dropped down and there's a very chunky 16 year old female asking me, well, "How dae ye dae that?"

    It was only later on that I really thought about the question, because the question contains a great truth about the attitude of a lot of folk. The assumption is that there is a knack, trick, secret or technique. The idea that, "You grab a hold of the bar and try like f*** to pull yourself up. If you repeat on a regular basis you get better at it" was one that she had discounted from the start.

    I was reading some s*it about "pose running" - people trying to mystify the process of running. I think the truth is that with loads of effort even the most badly conceived running program will have good results, and without that effort even the best program won't.

    "McNab" (or someone like him) said something about training foreign armies - they all want to believe that there is some magic Ninja trick that once revealed will make everything simple.

    Bruce Lee said something similar - "Before you understand the martial arts a punch is just a punch, a kick is just a kick. Once you are trained a punch is no longer a punch, a kick is no longer a kick. But once you really understand a punch is just a punch, a kick is just a kick".

    I think reflection and thought are vital in training. But it's like studying. If you want to understand something turn the music off, get away from people, and read the f****r slowly and carefully, and force yourself to take it in. But people want to believe that with the right combination of highlighters and photocopying it'll just go in.

    Phys is mainly about hitting your body with a stimulus that is so demanding the body has to adapt. Often the search for new techniques and training methods is a subconscious attempt to escape that fact (IMHO).

    [Iknow, I need to get out more :D ]
  2. eh?
  3. Confused.
  4. Readers Digest version of my rambling - "People assume there's a secret to phys, but it's mainly just effort. Their assumption prevents them achieving anything" :)
  5. It makes perfect sense to me.

    There is no magic. Effort, willpower and selfdiscipline is what is required.

    Which is why I am now a fatfuckingcivie. :)
  6. Oh right. Great.
  7. No, but when I got home I'm ashamed to say I had a frenzied ........, mmmm, do I want to admit that....probably not
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    That is very deep and meaningful sh!t man, that cuts to the core of my soul. I have been studiously reciting my trainng mantras, improving my karma AND fine tuning my holistic methaphysical being in order that I may enlighten myself as to the true, one causality for supreme physical prowess, success and efficiency.

    I have studied books, I have been communing with my inner self, I have even studied Feng Shui in order that my environs may harmonise the energy and focus it to reach that sublime state of oneness with the world, in that my subconcious is aligned with my consciousness, and both are calm, in peace and in the NOW!

    I have done all this in the belief that such state will give me exceptional energies to driving my training forward, pain-free to new heights of perfection . . . . . but it's just sweat and blood you say?

    Oh, fcuk it then, I'll just get stuck in.
  9. Atleast you get asked "How are you doing that?" Round my way when I'm running I get a load of fat fcuks askeing "Why are you doing that?" The answer "So I don't become a fat cnut like you." does annoy them but they are always to fat to run after me.
  10. Aye, but howdaeyedaethat?
  11. "Kein Meister ist vom Himmel gefallen"
    German saying meaning experts/masters ect. didn't just fall from the sky, they had to work to get their. Same goes with most successes.