Chimps with responsibility

I have finally lost the will to live.
Today- i went along to a usually good motor factors as i needed to change the belts on my car.
I was greeted by a take-away sort of chap who resembled a capuchin monkey. He was small and smelt of wee- his name was ramit.
Anyway- After trying to explain to the retarded gibbon behind the 'help' desk what i needed, he came back brandishing a large hammer and a wrench. I'm thinking at this point of using the hammer to nail the tw@ to the door.
After using my established international language technique of talking loudly to the moron, i managed to get the manager to attend as he was becoming rather frightened that i was going to kill him.
I got a belt and was escorted from the premesis saying that i should be more patient.

MORE BLOODY PATIENT- is it my fault that i am living in my own bloody country and need someone who understands the local lingo to help when i have a technical question for answering? i think not.
I am fed up with dealing with realtime live indian call centres who have no clue about the job they are doing.
I think it is time to leave london.
I am obviously too impatient!
is it just me?
No, it's not just you! You might want to try moving to East Yorkshire, where most people have some sort of idea what's going on! Although avoid Hull unless you have a particular fondness for Kosovan asylum seekers.
couldnt agree more thats why iam leaving on 18th july!
get out now before its to late... oops fcuk it already is :evil:
leaving ? why where are you going ?? is yorkshire that bad? im looking at moving to north yorkshire and settling down, is the country of my birth gone to the dogs?
i ment to say that iam leaving london. :oops:
iam sure yorkshire is great. :wink:
Yep i left blighty earlier this year, and moved to NZ , best moved i made, even though they are forgieners they can still unbderstand you and visa versa. Even all the Japs down here get made to speak English to a resaonable standard. Its great!!
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