Discussion in 'Sappers' started by WitchfinderGeneral, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. I have been hearing lots of disturbing rumours from Chilwell, about high numbers of people sighing off and low morale. Plus that all the STRE’s have been involved in section competitions with Captains and Majors acting as Section Commanders and WO1’s acting as Section Sappers?

    Can anyone out there, “seriously” tell me that this is just a spurious rumour or has the technical roster lost its mind. Not only are we being subjected to unrealistic levels of overstretch, but our professional integrity is being challenged by having to fill our precious down time with exercises that have no relation to our actual operational commitment.

    Please don’t get me wrong here, I’m all for keeping up basic skills, but let’s do it at the correct level and something that relates to a particular role. If you’re in the know, I would appreciate some input.
  2. you worried about doing some proper work?
  3. You know, I have done proper work in proper Squadrons, What I am looking for is information on what’s happening in the Corp, so I can do some proper chest poking with people who count.
  4. Its not a rumour that the technical roster is signing off after all its not exactly that technical now is it? As for chest poking WFG that will be as much use as a chocolate fire guard unless you are the one person in the Corps that REMRO actually listens to (a freudian slip I know, i just think that "manning and career management" is a wholly inappropriate description of Glasgow's actual function at the moment!)
  5. "Morale Counter Management" works much better methinks.
  6. Unless you have done any of the 3 Clk Wks courses or the MPF course I don't see how you can say the courses aren't technical or demanding. Just ask the guys who fail them. You'd be suprised how many Clk Wks (F) there are out there!
  7. Make it fit – Your right I do seem to get that banging your head against the wall feeling. But I need to get some facts, as I will be getting the opportunity to raise my head above the parapet. If the groundswell of opinion is “we are getting fcuked over” it needs to be openly aired.

    As you say it may be of no use, but at least it deserves a go.
  8. Not the best news as i'm posted there soon. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  9. Is Chilwell likely to close?
  10. That's a great rumour to start..... :D

    Just coz Rheindahlen is shutting (according to some rumours) doesn't mean everywhere else is!!
  11. What about the low morale signing off rumour is that true?
  12. I was working with a team from Chilwell about a year ago and moral was low. The GE had signed off and a Clk Wks (E) signed off a few weeks later. Both were good men and a real loss to the Corps.
  13. Unit bar... Happy hour now only on permission from QM, CO and RSM... and only if their is a special event...

    RIP Morale
  14. Can you still call it Happy Hour?
  15. my bad, the bar isnt allowed to be opened until 7.... unless permission from RSM, QM or CO given.....