Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Krieg-Hammer, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. Mobilising later this year. I know it's 2 weeks, but wanting to know what's involved there.

  2. Two weeks of MATTS 1 - 9 Wills, insurance, med, Kit, welfare and mental health briefs.
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Queues, lots of very unimpressive TA soldiers, poor standards of instruction and testing leading to paper passes and lots of below average staff bigging themselves up.

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  4. Is it not down to a week now.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I wasnt sure if it was going to be like my NCO cadre at Catterick where we got a beasting for 2 weeks. So basically, turn up, do fitness and medical tests and fill out a lot of forms?

    My other question is life insurance to cover my mortgage. Santander provided me with it as I re-mortgaged when I moved house. However.... somewhere along the line they cancelled it themselves as for some reason, on their records I had split up with the missus??!

    Anyway, I am going to shop around. We had a chat from Towergate Wilson not long ago and they mentioned to cover your arrse completely, get life insurance that covers you if you die through 'hostile action'. We were told many insurers can offer the World but not this. Do any of you know which insurers will provide this as part of life insurance to cover a mortgage if the worst happened? I'd hate to snuff it and my other half is left with a mortgage to pay on her own!
  6. Any military one. Is this your first tour?
  7. Yeah pretty much......
  8. So a tick boxes health and safety exercise?

  9. Mate, the only similarity between RTMC and an Infantry PJNCO is that you wear the same uniform. There is nothing demanding although having been through it a few times, the CFT has varied from a breeze to a very fast paced cheeky number. The biggest worry for most people is the medical and dental.

    You will be talked through and offered PAX and other insurance packages at RTMC and at battalion before you deploy. I still have Service Life Insurance policy out.

    Well it really is a way of confirming that everyone is up to level 1 MATTs as well as medical, dental and J1 admin. People do fail. A Loggie outfit that was mobbing on my last tour had well over a dozen bods fail the PFT and the CFT. They were kept back for remedial training and a few of them were sent straight back home because their fitness was beyond a couple of weeks worth of remedial. They also kept back a chef who couldn't hit the side of a barn never mind pass his APWT.

    This kind of defeats the argument that a lot of this stuff can be done at unit, if these kinds of units are happy to pass along sub-standard soldiers for mobbing. That said, all the OFTs on DIE training has made a lot of the RTMC package redundant. Of course this only applies to the Infantry. Which of course you aren't Mr. Polar.
  10. No it doesn't, it just shows that poor standards are being accepted at a variety of levels (including personnel)

  11. There are people going with me who are renowned biffs and I have no idea why my unit are sending them. It will be embarrassing for them to get RTU'd when they cant manage the CFT. I'm no racing snake, but I am at a level to not worry about the fitness part. My only worry is the medical.
  12. Have a look about using the search function; there be fooking loads of info already on here.

    Good luck!

  13. Yeah, but the things is that the criteria and emphasis have changed a lot over the years which makes a lot of the info on these threads a bit outdated. For example when I first mobbed the dental thing was crucial and about 6 lads from my cadre were RTU'd for bad tombstones. Last time round, it was just a check and notification to sort out any problems when you got to your battalion - a much more sensible approach.

    No, it shows that MATTs results from units can't be trusted and therefore need to be verified by taking them at RTMC.
  14. Kin ell Thomasfowler when were you last here? Dental been finished bout 2 years, APWT again about 2 yrs. CFT the same.

    Queues, lots of very unimpressive TA soldiers, poor standards of instruction and testing leading to paper passes and lots of below average staff bigging themselves up.

    Yourself included then I take it?
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  15. Yup about 2 yrs, which was the point I was trying to make in my last post about previous threads on the subject. Lets face, with the exception of blokes like you who work there (?), most of us can only give the gen about the last time we went through it ourselves.