Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by fltpilot, Jun 28, 2010.

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  1. Been told i'm going on a course at Chilwell.
    But have no idea what!!!
    May be a mong question, but what types of courses do they run their?
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  2. I think their most popular one is mobilisation.
  3. Oh blimey i'm going to war & i'm not even in the army!! 8O 8O
    Think i may ask at work tomorrow about it!!
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  4. You'll have to wait for a R.E. poster to get a sensible answer.
  5. No worrys frenchie.
  6. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Mate it literally be anything. Whilst the Reserve Training Mobilisation Centre is located there alongside a Royal Engineers Infrastructure Support unit, lots of other people use the place. For instance I once attended a one day Army PR course there of all things.
  7. the only course that im aware of that the engineer unit runs there is for the welldrillers. other than that RTMC run most of the other courses if not all of them.
  8. It is a Brigade HQ so allsorts of courses are run in the training centre, not just engineering type courses..
  9. Do you work for Tesco? We're making the assumption that you're talking about Chetwynd Barracks - and you know what happens when you assume...
  10. If you are coming to RTMC at Chilwell the courses we run are Mob,Regular,Civi and UNMO.
  11. I'm a civvy in the MoD.
    It's probably a 1 day course then.
    Someone will probably tell me at work what it is, in the next few days (i hope!)
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  12. Civvi course runs for 3 days.
  13. Whats the postcode so i can input it into my sat-nav?
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  14. NG9 5HA

    Other details can be found HERE.
  15. I'd suggest setting your satnav for NG9 6GX. It's actually the Tesco over the road but you can see the main gate from there (it's on the bend in the road - not the place with the Harrier gate guard).

    NG9 5HA comes up as the back entrance to the barracks so you'll add miles (and probably get lost) if you are redirected to the main gate.

    52° 54' 36.53"N, 1° 15' 11.70"W is where you want to be (if you look on Google Earth).