Chilwell, wots that all about???

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Gash_Handlin, Feb 9, 2003.

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  1. As it is now becoming apparent that more and more of us weekend warriors may be warrioring on more prolonged basis I feel it is about time that there was some more info about what actually goes on at Chilwell.

    Obviously do not breach OPSEC but could anyone who has been through the sausage machine, or even better someone who works there, provide some info on what actually goes on, any top tips of stuff that should be taken, do you go straight through and then onto your new unit or do you get time to get home and sort out any last minute dramas??

    any other info or advice would be appreciated.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep this thread sensible, I will be draconian in deleting any time wasting posts.

    Thanks for your help and info in advance,

  2. msr

    msr LE


    If you ask your SPSI (nicely), he should be able to dig out the Chilwell video for you. It tells you all about the process.

  3. you'll find the staff there who are most critical about the T.A. are the C.O. and the T.A. staff.
  4. Why not visit the government website officially acknowledged as having the most broken links. The section on Chilwell is pretty good and though I suspect that the word Swamped may apply these days I guess they will be trying to go through the motions.

    Having said that any input from those who have been and done in the recent past would be even better.
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    We had the CO oc Chilwell speak at a recent weekend, and he came across as pretty pro-STAB.  He said it was now one day at Chilwell, and five at Grantham, for all those mob'd in Phase 2.

    By the way, our guys now getting the brown envelopes, sent 2nd class.  One was postmarked on Fri 7th, he got it on Mon 10th, has to be at Chilwell on Weds 19th.  Not much time to sort out your job, flat, car, girlfriend, etc.  Not bad, for a Unit at R7, but makes a mockery of the "readiness" system.  All that does is limit the kit we get, and the priority for training areas and stores ("you can't have that range, it's booked by the Cadets, far more important than you")

    Oh, and the poor beggar only passed his trade qual course at Christmas ;D
  6. for all'ya goin ta grantham; unlucky... frostbite is on general issue, just get down stickies and get some fat old birds before ye go out to the sandy yonder
  7. msr

    msr LE


    You are quite right: the Unit is at R7, but individuals are not....

  8. i was told that readiness state (R7 etc) was a political / financial thing.  we are having units placed 'ready' with basic training i.e. able to, but proficient (not overly trained) to do the job.  lets all face it, when needed, we will be called, and not untl then.  we are getting messed about, not knowing if we will have our jobs or not, next week, and even our CVHQ don't know, only LAND.   The thing the gov are most worried about, is money.  calling the whole of the TA out would be a financial nightmare, but lets face it, they could prob back fill all of the vacant spaces... and make the reg army more efficient and happeir with itself, but then the regulars would still complain about having too much work.

    lets start from base principals,   sort out the REME and RLC, then sort out the other support arms.  you are never going to be in short supply of 'hat' inf; once you have sorted this out, then worry about getting reg battalions of inf etc up to UE, then WFE establishment when necessary .

    ahhh, rant over
  9. A colleague of mine went to RTMC yesterday to brief them on something or other. He was very impressed with the current processing system which deals with the 250 or so blokes per day.

    It seems that on arrival you are "barcoded", allowing the team there (some 200+ staff) to identify where everyone is during their day there, what G1/G4 stands they have been through and where those not being accepted into service are "failing". Not as bad as it sounds as at least problems can be dealt with quickly.

    Medical fails seem the flavour of the day. Lots of people trying it on for other things (particularly ex-regulars) but they are generally put back in their box. Claiming you are a Class A drug user once accepted into service is not a clever stunt to pull!

    The QMs inload about 5 million items on a daily basis (no desert combats though!) and for those who experienced it pre mass callout the old "drill hall" by the platoon offices is now a dining room with a field kitchen in it!

    Generally he came back with a good feeling about the place. Slick process, tailored for the blokes going through, so a good thing really. I think the main problem is the other areas of the system which isn't so goos (APC for example) which let the side down.
  10. As i mobilised last June, i'm sure due to the current political climate the process will be a bit different to when i attended Chilwell.

    in brief: I arrived (early, as i came from accross the big duck pond) got my room and was free to roam, go to the Naffi , get my car fixed etc.

    The next day when i was to actually report, i went to a large hall where numbered tables were set out. Each person went through completing the relevant paperwork, id cards, docs, photos etc.

    Put into sections and attended a few lectures.

    Kit sorted out at QM's which was a veritable sweetie shop of kit. Gucci Boots, extra combats etc

    Med/Dent checks carried out to see if you're medically fit

    Until i'd actually signed on the dotted line, i didn't get into uniform.

    Once in said uniform, we started on training program of all ITD's that you would normally carry out over the length of the TA year, plus a few extras that you may not normally do at your unit. Then there were Range days, PT ( oh, the PT!!) etc etc

    The weekend was free to do with as you choose. Alot of people went home for one last weekend.Not being local, i went to Nottingham to get pissed.

    The next week there was a sweep up of any stragglers itd wise. Pay was sorted out there and then by the great team at Chilwell. Any problems could be rectified without having to go through Glasgow first etc

    Injections given for various locations ie The old hot and sunny places got Anthrax etc

    Given a printout of itd's completed and an assessment of your performance over the 2 weeks. The old number letter system B2 etc

    I'm sure it's probably alot more hectic now but they did have a huge hanger to accomodate the countless numbers of troops which was so big it was hard to see the other end.

    Anyway, i hope that's given you some idea of what to expect. They basically kit you out and make sure you are fit to fight.

    ta ta ;)
  11. update on Chilweel now that the blokes have been through and the stories are back in the unit

    process seems to be arrive and report by 1300hrs, briefings and initial paperwork that day, next morning medical, dental, follow up on docs, sign up for insurance, fill in a will (except hofficers who must arrive with a proper will completed by a solicitor, got to make sure the family silver is looked after apparently)

    If you pass that lot you get sworn in and get a brief on anthrax vaccine, take it or leave it its your choice.

    this is where the actual info and the rumours about the possible next round of mobilisations comes in.  

    Last lot then spent three days at grantham doing ITD trg then went onto their holding unit before deploying.

    the next lot are apparently expected to turn up having already conducted ITD trg and will go straight from Chilwell to the holding unit.

    One further point of caution... experience seems to be that the QM dept at chilwell is everybit as helpful as all other QM depts in HMF.  stores are for storing, no/minimal kit was issued, apparently they did their best but by the time my lot arrived the stores had been emptied, all the guys were assured that they would all receive kit at their holding unit.  Funny old thing, when they got their the unit knew nothing about issuing kit, they were expecting fully kitted soldiers to arrive, hence most deployed to the gulf with ill fitting noddy suits, US respirators and only one waterbottle, plus people issued LSW and 8 mags at chilwell still only had the TA support arm issue of one ammo pouch.  for once we couldnt even blame the unit QM for sending them down unprepared as we issued every bit of kit we had spare from our stores before they left, poor QM cant get hold of a single item to kit out the new recruits who are flooding in thanks to the free advertising thats going on at the minute.

    end of rant!!!
  12. The most entertaining thing about Chilwell must be the J1 cell.  You go in, barter with a clerk for 20 mins then walk out with your salary.  The most likely to be affected are Cpls and below. Their pay band ceiling is £22,500, after that to get additional money, (to start to match your earnings in the past year) you have to prove hardship.

    One LCpl walked into the J1 cell presented a P60 for approx £315,000.  No one was willing to give him an answer!
  13. It appears from the press that they know the TA units that are providing the bods for the next lot and I know that there are briefings planned (have happened?).

    Hopefully our RHQ won't just sit on it and instead brief us in turn. :-/
  14. Have been through both sides of Chillwell (mob and Demob)

    On the whole its not bad. However it is designed for individuals not units.  As a TA soldier you have nost of the kit they will give you. An extra set of greens was nice, but some desert boots would have been more use.  Pay is dealt with in as fair a way as the system allows. Chillwell do what they can for you if you give them proof of expenditure (not income). However there were still problems with some of the lads pay. Medical was fine dental was tougher. Grantham Phase was good if a bit of egg sucking if you were up to speed with ITDs.

    Demob was fast and efficient, with pay problems sorted out. Only problem is our vehicles came back 3 weeks after we were demobbed. Noone had considered the need to offload unit and personal kit.

    Over all 7/10
  15. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Just finished at Chilwell, and found 90% very well run, the fact they have to deal with 200 punters at a time. 10% was complete $hite. Time wasted, TA FTRS who think they are in the SAS. Ranges that could be run much better- In fact the SASC QMSI is going to show them how to run them correctly next time- just so they know. (He also tore a Sgt a new ar$$e for his comments on the 'CFT'!)

    Did a lot of egg sucking - but the Perm Staff have such a big job to do they have no time for indivduals petty personal problems, Oh and don't have an ND on the Range or you might find yourself staying at RTMC for a bit longer!