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We all know of Malta GC and indeed some of us know of Dunkirk DSC (WW1)...but how many of us know of Chilwell VC??

During WW1 Chilwell was a ROF turning out 50% of the UK's shell requirements. Which if I remember correctly is 10 million items, which if I again recall correctly means 2.5 million of them probably failed to detonate! Now unfortunately for the workers of Chilwell, some did go off but rather too soon in the logistic chain...

8 tons of TNT went up on 1 July 1918, killing over a hundred workers and wounding 250 or so. Despite the massive damage, the workforce got their skates on and had the filling plant back in action within a month. So impressed by this was KGV that he awarded them the VC, with Chilwell becoming known as "the VC Factory".

Note: 8 tons is approximately 18000lbs and is equivalent to many of the mines burst under Messines ridge or on the Somme. If you've visited Lochnagar for example, then perhaps it gives an idea of the impact of such a blast.,_Chilwell


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I'm Nottingham born and bred and I never knew this, thanks cuddles.
Anyone know where the medal is held?


That's why the floor is made of wooden blocks in the 'hangars'.



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That's why the local cemeteries have mass graves in them and why the gardeners were still finding bone fragments in the flower beds in the '90s.


msr said:
That's why the floor is made of wooden blocks in the 'hangars'.


Which ones? In the 3 years I was posted there I dont recall ever seeing a wooden block floored hangar.

The site used to be a lot bigger though.

There is a large monument to the casualties, near to the back gate.


The Evening post did one of the bygone pull outs about this the other year, had some before and after pics. Needless to say the after pics consisted of smouldering piles of rubble and little else.

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