chilwell, recruit selection weekend 10th august 170 infa sup

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by darbs, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. Hi is there anyone else going on this weekend? and does anyone have any suggestions on things to take or any other good tips. Also is a suit/smart trouser and shirt needed.
  2. Just take what they tell you to take! Not trying to be funny buts its really not a big deal.
    I'm also 170 infa sup but becasue of their crap admin i still havent managed to do part 1B and i've been in for just twelve months now!
  3. Bloody hell rockhopper that dont sound so good.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Is this a Sign of the Times?

  5. I dunno if its a sign of the times or not!

    15 of us joined, i think so far only one has done his part 1C (he's doing it now i think). He actually transfered to the RLC so maybe he doesn't count!! Two guys have been waiting for security clearance (nearly 12 months!!)
  6. Just keep pestering! Its the only way to get things done!
  7. Just give up and do something useful with your spare time...
  8. How do you get to a situation of waiting 12 months for security clearance and like praetorian says why not just keep pestering them.
  9. Hi all, I have just recently completed my training with 170 and i was attested way back in 2005 the delay for me was because i was born in southern Ireland and all my family are Irish.
    If your serious stay commited dont let time delays worry you once you get into your training the rewards speak for themselves the confidence i have within myself is unreal.
    I am now very and excited to be a member of he Royal Engineers especially as most of the way through training i was the only sapper on the course.
    Anyway all the best good luck.

    P.s as for the admin problems i never expirenced any.
  10. It wasn't me who was waiting - its two of the others who joined on the same day i did. One lad was born and raised in England but his mum is Irish. Still not got his clearance. They are regularly speaking to the admin people to get it sorted.
    I always tend to derail other peoples threads with my gripes about admin in the TA! Nearly nine months to get our first pay though, being told i needed addtional vaccinations a week before i was due to go on Part 1B and thos jabs have to be done at least ten days before i attend! Then having to wait for months for a medical refresh and as a result its more than six months since i last trained so i now have to repeat Tafs2.
    The list goes on!
  11. Good to hear some positive news maggs84. I think rockhopper should pester them more if he is serious to be honest.
  12. msr

    msr LE


    I am afraid I am going to have to disagree with you. I don't see why he should have to pester anyone.

    There are Admin staff at the unit whose job it is to resolve these issues. If they don't have a grip of the situation, or are not keeping the guys and gals informed, then someone needs to get a grip of them..

  13. I've been with 170 for a few years, though as I rebadged to join I never had to go through recruits with them.
    The admin staff do a great job at Chilwell, and are, in general, very helpful. If your experiencing problems, maybe you arent asking the right questions to the right people.

    You also have to bear in mind, that some of the delays may not be down to the admin cell. Alot of it maybe as a result of Glasgow not getting their arse into gear and dealing with things. The girls can only do so much - the impossible is not in the capability.
  14. What team you been posted to? You doing annual camp this year?
  15. I have no gripe with the people in the admin cell, its the system they are forced to work with thats the problem.