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Having just received mobilisation papers and due to report to Chilwell early Feb can any one confirm the process that I can expect and the order they are carried out. Any time guidelines would be useful.
Unless it has change in 2 years the form is as follows:

Day 1

Report to Chillwell
Get sworn in
Have your docs checked
Round robin of Admin (pay) Medic, Dentist, Kit issue

Day 2

Move to Grantham

4 - 10 days Op Training APWT, CFT, NBC, Mine awareness

Day 6+

Fly to theatre

As I said this is what happend 2 years ago, so things may have changed

Good Luck
When I went through Chilwell for Telic 2 the day we arrived they were processing another group so we didn't do much apart from get our paperwork checked. The next day was a round robin. Included was:
Hearing, Sight, piss test and any jabs you cant prove you've had (I had 4) My personal highlight was getting the most vigorous cough and drop ever by some short arse indian doctor.
If you need anything taken out they will do it if its easy. One bloke had three teeth out and was chucked a bottle of brufen!
As per the other thread on this take everything and be prepared to prove your outgoings
Kit Issue
I guess you are going on Telic, so desert gear, boots, tropical sleeping syetem, mozzie net etc.
Personal Weapon Issue
self explanatory
On top of this there one session of hurry up and wait. After all this was done the ones that had got through and were going got chucked on a bus and sent off to Grantham to do our ITD's (not sure if you do a more complete optag now)
Then Deployed
Hope this helps. Have a safe tour!


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As above, but add getting issued your A2 if you haven't got it already. Quite a bit of time at Grantham doing Weapon Training, not surprisingly.

We didn't even do an APWT (or any phys, come to that) but I am assured that they do now.

Medical was the most stringent I've ever had - as opposed to the one when we returned, which went "Are you OK?" - Yes - "Alright then, off you go"...
Same again - as above.

The week we had at Grantham could have easily been done in three full days instead of hanging around most of the time.

As for weapons training, a WHT and 20 rounds down a range was it.

Again, no physical stuff. A lot of first aid and NBC from what i can remember, or was it that it just seemed to go on and on and on...

After that week of excitement we were sent up to 'meet' our unit. A couple of days hanging around the barracks and then off to the sandpit.

Good luck - have a good on.
All the above, but trining may take place at Chilwell , it just depends if you are going as part of a formed unit or are an augmentee to another unit. I went through in Oct last year(04) and we spent the 2 weeks there. All ITD'S done and only a bit of phys , as not enough time in programme for more. You then go to either Folkestone, Grantham or Strensall to do Optag package, which is an overnight, watch and learn with NO hands on at all, apart from mine awareness and clearing.If you need any more info , just pm me, ciao and welcome to the sandpit, oh yes, STAG ON, cos thats all we do here!!!!
Re Pay, make sure that you take all details with you P 60's , wage slips etc.(as per their guide). If you save regularly they treat this favourably.. ie as an outgoing, so take copies of any building society deposits. Don't be done out of money, if in doubt take your accountant with you to Chilwell.

Enjoy the sun! August is particularly cheeky 55C I remember. Camelbaks are good but a wet sock wrapped around your bottle of water is even better.

If you are in relationship and they have access to a PC and the Internet, set them up with Microsoft messenger before you go. All the PC's out there have it, and it means that when you have burnt through your free 20 minutes of calls a week, you can still talk. My wifes IT skills improved no end whilst I was away... as did her ability to spend what I saved!!!! ho hum..

enjoy the flies
Ref: Pay (again)

Like Tooldtodieyoung said, take absolutely everything with you finance-wise and they will honour it.

A friend of mine got away with them paying for a dog-walker ( :?: ), babysitters and his wife's gym membership because she couldn't go while he was away. Because his had written proof of all this, they paid up!


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As for Pay, go for Civvy Wage + TA Pay + 5%. That's what we all aimed for, and all (except a couple of self-employed long-term tax dodgers) got. It seemed to us VERY dependent on which Pay wallah you got, though. Each gave very different interpretations of the rules, so if one refuses you, ask to see his/her boss :)
We were part of an intake of 125 ish. Big thing was dental. There are not fantastic dental facilties out there ie the Middle East.. or there were not on Telic 2. I do not know if this has improved. Any of you Telic 3 plus sweats know if this has changed?

Big failure on ours was teeth. If not going to the Dentist regularly is one of your things then you could be unlucky.

If however everything else is ok, and unless there is nothing obvious ie bits missing, legs arms etc good old Tony will have you. :D
telic 3 we had dentist looking for work ,but dental still failed lots
of people as will medical. we still lost 3 with medical problems and 3 mental cases
We turned up at Chilwell with about 120ish for Telic 2 and about 15 got turned back, again most of them were for dental problems.

The month before mobilisation our unit had the opportunity to go to the nearest reg barracks and have a full MOT from the med staff to reduce the amount that may be turned away. Might be an idea to have a word with your SPSI/PSAO. If anything looks dodgy (and you DO want to go to the sandpit) then you have a bit of time to sort it out.
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