chilwell...op telic 7....4 para

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by blueskies, Jun 11, 2005.

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  1. thanks for the advice guys.....going out mid oct with 4 attach to 2 para we think,working out of shaiba logistics base somewhere near tikrit,i think....dont quote me on that one tho,its all a bit ON THE BUS OFF THE BUS!!!! at the mo....any extra feedback would be greatly appreciated though :? :? as for the desert kit bit...why shouldnt we get it...remember we are all supposed to be the same!!!!!!!
  2. You DO get desert kit. Chilwell issued us (Telic 2) with two shirts, two trousers, one field jacket and one pair of desert boots. (Plus tons of other kit, much of which didn't get used). In theatre, we got an extra shirt and trousers. Some lucky beggars also got Pro boots when the rains came, though many of those who needed them didn't. Camelbacks were akso issued in theatre.

    I'd suggest that you listen more carefully to your briefings - it's a long walk from Shaibah to Tikrit. (Don't expand on details as you don't know who is reading these threads).

    For a detailed map of iraq, you could try:
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. Whats the medical like at Chilwell , if the worst came to the worst and I got a brown envelope on the door mat I think i would need a quick trip to the dentist

  5. Medical's a doddle - must be - I got through. Only difficult bit is the dental (that's because they can actually see what's wrong with you. If you want to go, get your teeth sorted YESTERDAY. Chilwell dentist may, occasionally, put an odd filling in, but that's all. Also, he may NOT!

    Otherwise, count arms and legs before you go. If it adds up to four, you're in. (Not sure if they're allowed to discriminate on the grounds of disability).
  6. best get my tushy pegs sorted then , there the molar that had one half fall out whence eating on a hula hoop, the other half came out in the bar when I was wigglying it , well I thought it was wiggyling turns out it had cracked . Then there's the other ont where the filling has cracked and I can push saliva throug it with my tongue

    Better fing a replacement for my german denstist Dr Mengle
  7. Same here , need to get a molar removed , the fillings don't seem to 'take'

    Will Chilwell pull teeth in an emergency?

    Any colour you want as long as it's Iraq :(
  8. Yes they will, on your clear instruction. However, a bag of Nurofen and a "soldier on" through your ITD's would be most unpleasant.
    If you are worried about your teeth, get them done and consider taking an x ray with you so that the dentist can actually see, rather than suspect. Make sure it's got the date on though!
  9. PTPongo:

    Just before I got my brown envelope, I went for a course of dental treatment that would have finished with the fitting of two crowns. Two days before the envelope arrived, one of the teeth had been hollowed out to receive the crown and temporarily back-filled while waiting for the potter to make the crown. An appointment was made for two weeks later. Having received only 10 days notice of mobilisation (i.e. before the scheduled dental appointment), I hastily arranged another appointment where a more permanent temporary back-filling job was done and the other tooth was extracted.

    As it happened, the dentist forgot to give me antibiotics and an infection set in, resulting in the discharge of foul-smelling and interestingly-tasting pus from the hole in the gum.

    No time to visit the dentist again, so arrived at Chilwell downing Ibuprofen and constantly swilling my mouth with neat TCP. Can't be many people arrive at RTMC with six months supply of TCP, just in case!

    Despite being in agony and with a raised temperature, I had no problems passing the medical.

    Fortunately, we got a week's pre-deployment leave before heading for the sun. This allowed me to get antibiotics from my doctor and ditch the TCP.

    If you've followed the story, you'll be wondering why I didn't get antibiotics from the medics. As far as I can make out, for them to issue medicines would be tantamount to declaring me unfit. There's got to be some logic there somewhere!
  10. When I went through Chilwell one of the guys with us had three teeth out given some brufen and told to p1ss off. Spitting blood for a week v funny
  11. If Dental checks were ever part of my medical checks (80-90s) they didn't register. If it's so omportant now why don't TA get NHS preference or whatever deal with BUPA or equivalent.

    If they want TA on standby by teeth are an issue (we don't want you infecting those nice ladies in the mountains do we?) the they should sort this out.

    Bizzarre !.
  12. And when i was in the palace the dentist they had out there was actually
    looking for work :lol:
  13. Tellic 6 Reasons for discharge on a Tranche of approx company strength.

    A few downgrades to P3

    A fair few P7s

    High Blood pressure and heart murmours got a med wait

    Dental - 5 teeth removals, 3 others sent home

    More than one welfare / mental health discharges.

    Kit issue more than sufficient (but 2 sets of dessie boots would be nice)
  14. So the tooth thing could be bullshit
    Someone lying cos they got sent home with galloping grape nuts ?
  15. People who turned up with cavities were given the option - extraction or go home. I know of only one instance during our processing where the dentist filled a tooth, but there were contributory factors: i) WO1 (RHIP) and ii) OC informed dentist that the subject was operation-essential. (That wasn't bluff, either).