Chilwell mobolisation

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Brack_89, May 21, 2013.

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  1. Just been given dates for this, anyone passed through it recently and can shed any light on it? Seen the past details on here but just incase things have changed.

    And does anyone know if you usually go streight from here to you assigned battalion? Ours is likely to be over seas so wasnt sure if should be preparing to go to chilwell and be gone for considerable amount of time or will have a gap inbetween.

    Any advice would be much appreciated
  2. Recently the form was

    Monday Arrive
    Tue/Weds, J4 (kit issue) J1 (Pay and allowances) and Medical (no dental checks these days) A lot of waiting about - essentially a whole day taken up with waiting for about 20mins of medical, just treat it as getting accustomised to Regular Army work rates.
    Thurs BFT first thing and then start a round of MATTs
    Stand down from about midday Fri to about 10am Mon (less BFT re-tests who had an earlier start Mon)
    Tues and Weds on the Range
    Thurs CFT (Regt/Corps weight and not the flattest of routes run in 1hr 55min)
    Fri admin and disperse. Most then moved on to the south coast for OPTAG training but there was talk of moving this.
    Following OPTAG (about a week) you should move to your receiving unit.

    The main cause of failures on my course was fitness, particularly the CFT (we lost one from 4 Para and an artistic type amongst the usual run of fat CSS types), but worryingly also the BFT - how can units send pers along who are missing the run times by 1.5 to 2 mins. That said the Regular Reinforcement course running alongside lost far higher percentage on the fitness (including 17min+ PFT times and a civi ambulance called out for their CFT!).

    IIRC the kit list was pretty good but make sure you have a couple of locker padlocks as you get a fair amount of kit to look after, though some is kept centrally from issue to departure.

  3. That all doesn't bode well now does it.