Chilwell - Kit List confusion.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by RKERB, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. I am about to head for sunny Chilwell in a couple of weeks and have found the paper work pretty confusing! It tells you to bring respirator/haversack but makes no mention of NBC suit/gloves etc.... do you need to take it? I'd rather not lug that crap on the train with me if possible!

    Also... If anyone has any tips about Chilwell or advice - it would be much appreciated!

  2. You won't need your NBC suit as that will be issued in Theatre if needed!

    Make sure you have enough Civvies with you as when we went we took minimal kit and ended up in Germany for 6 weeks with nothing to do except drink and go whoring!!
  3. And what pray is wrong with drinking and whoring, those two pillars of soldiering?
  4. take a photograph of every bit of kit that you are bringing before you go, it makes life much easier to deal with insurance companies if you ever lose anything.
  5. rebel_with_a_cause, I wasn't complaining! I loved it! Just wish i had more Civilian clothes with me!
  6. Whoring in Germany - hmm one time when you need a damn NBC suit if memory serves me right - god bless 5 mark alley (though its probably 10 euro alley now!) :)


    P.S Take all issued kit what you don't need can always be MFO'd home anyway - by the way why get the train your damn unit should drop you off tight gits ask them (then you can take what you like)
  7. Don't forget to take a good book and a large sense of humour - Chilwell will seriously deplete your SOH reserves! (And the book is for something to do whilst you sit in damn queues ALL day long!)

    As for kit - no need for NBC suit - but take the rest of your 1157 and backload 90% of it during your first stand-down period which should be at least a weekend within about 4 weeks of mobilisation.

    Worth remembering however that stand-down is not a right, and if the unit you are going to are complete tw@ts you may not get any before you deploy.

    Good luck!
  8. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOh.....imagine calling your own unit T@WTS......terrible 8O

    and the CO read this too :wink:
  9. How exactly did you get to that being directed at our unit? You are getting stand-down - 3 sets in fact!
  10. Take everything said at Chilwell with a pinch of salt... Some of the stuff they say there hasn't been filtered out to the rest of the Army yet! And sometimes (not always) the stuff they tell you can be a tad on the wrong side!

    100% on the book, there's a hell of a lot of waiting around in queues.

    Also be prepared not to know the big picture or when you'll get some time off, think there is a chance for a weekend off somewhere (if the APWT is held on the Friday.... don't pass and you'll be staying there the weekend), but after the course what happens is an unknown quantity. The staff freely admitted to the blokes on my course that anything after Chilwell was a blank, the lack of communication between the units you're going to and RTMC is (was in 2005 anyway) criminal and basically non-existant, prepare for the worst!
    We left Chilwell to go down south and deployed straight out on a weeks exercise, I only minded because I had sod all kit as a reservist and not much prep time!!

    Ask questions at every step and get every bit of info you can!

    Good luck and have a good time!
  11. i went though chillwell in July mate u will get a huge amount kit now, from mugs up to body armour with the plates u will also get a desert assault vest so don't go and get one other cabbie kit u get is sunglasses knee pads, but the new dessey boots r very very siht so might want to get ure own ones, they don't issue magnums any more. u only need ure ressie not ure nbc suit, and bring a sense of humour with u aspecial for the first few days, u will do all ure matts so bounty is sorted.