Chilwell dental

Out of interest, if a TA soldier was mobilised and had a wisdom tooth coming out sort of sideways, would he pass the dental at Chilwell, if it wasn't causing any pain or pushing other teeth out of line, and was otherwise in good dental condition? Or would he be told to fcuk off and join the 10th Mountain Division, and deploy with his fellow buck-toothed yokels?

This is entirely out of curiosity, and is nothing to do with the state of my teeth or plans I may be considering.
When I was 15 my dentist told me that I would need to have my wisdom teeth out in the next two years. 28 years later and still in I passed through Chilwell with no problems.

One boy however - who had very few teeth and the ones he did have resembled cigarette ends was mobilised but kept in uk as Padres/PSI's/Family welfare officer/Gofers assistant etc.

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