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Can anyone provide me with details of forthcoming mobilisation course dates at Chilwell? Am just trying to figure out a plan for mobilising and need to check if it is feasible before pushing it up the CoC.
Aren't you the comedian...

When even the PSAO isn't sure, I figured a quick answer might come from here. Yes, he is looking into it, but i'm not expecting a quick reply. And no, I can't ring Chilwell direct, at least not during working hours.
JD150 said:
You will be allocated dates when you have been selected for mobilisation.
I realise that, but there is potentially a very short timescale for me from mobilisation to deployment. I need to fit in quite a few things for my PDT (OPTAG, etc), so if it isn't feasible, I'll have to inform my CoC.
JD150 said:
Do you have a mobilisation date yet, which Herrick are you deploying on etc...
That's the thing I'm potentially deploying out of the normal operational cycle. Am hopefully looking at mobilising as soon after Easter as possible, deploying mid summer, hence looking at dates to see if they fit in with the training opportunities available to me which I have to do prior to deploying. If it is going to be all too much of a rush, I'm going to have to flag this up ASAP.

Mobrep process has started as far as I am aware.
You're probably looking at either of the following IR courses starting 19 Apr, 10 May or 24 May for your PDT dates then. PM me for the link to the OPTAG trg programme (accessed through DII).
Wish I could organise my own dates at Chilwell and Optag
All personnel are loaded through Land,if pax could organize their own dates imagine how much it would go wrong.

We can,t load pax here we are directed by Land and Glasgow they tell us when etc.
Aintbrokedontfixit said:
Wish I could organise my own dates at Chilwell and Optag
I wasn't looking to organise anything off my own back, but was looking for info for myself prior to paperwork being started off by the CoC.

Anyhow it's all started now and I've got my semi-firm dates which are TBC.
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