Chilwell and the RiP

Has the RiP of 12 Mech Bde entirely bypassed the hierarchy at Chilwell, who refuse to open on a weekend iot allow the speedy and efficient demobilisation of reservists?

Given their proud boast of the number of TA soldiers who actually work there, surely this isn't too hard to achieve?


Those augmentees who've just returned from Telic with 12 Mech Bde must feel so valued, at this moment in time. I'm sure that if even the RAF can manage to work weekends, the staff at Chillwell could shake a leg once in a while. Do these t**ts forget that they are part of a service industry and are supposed to be supporting those on deployments (- except for weekends and public holidays, obviously). What complete and utter bollocks (or female equivalent for PCs sake).

Perhaps you could let it be known how many people this was the last straw, for.

Perhaps the esteemed and august institution should consider removing the IIP logo from the footer of their paperwork - once they've sorted the rest of their act out.
They even knock off at 1730 hrs. So why don't they work weekends. No-one answering in RTMC............................................................sorry forgot they don't do weekends.
Surely not the same august establishment that demanded a female officer who was returned to the UK with a broken leg make her own way to Chetwynd barracks so that they could....give her a rail warrant back home.

have you managed to break out of Stalag Chillwell, yet. I look forward to hearing you're vitriol, when you've settled. You're original post really beggared belief.

All the best,

invisiblehelper said:
Some people sacrifice a lot to help others whilst at Chilwell so cut them some slack. Please.
Which is why you will notice that the 'pop' was at the hierarchy :wink:

Having spent longer at RTMC than I care to admit - I have to say they are open 24/7, and do the best job they can. Most wrangling takes place higher up the hierarchy (funny that), and messes people around. As for getting people home by rail, sadly RTMC can only do what army regs allow them too, so give them a break - if they send you home straight away - you whinge, if they hold you - you whinge. They can never win!! Enjoy - if you can't take a joke u shouldn't have joined!!!


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It was certianly the case, when we came back from TELIC2, that RTMC - as ordered by Land Command or some such knobbers, were forbidden to supply Hire Cars for us. Others, demobed from the Balkans, or Afghanistan, got them - Telic was specifically denied. We had a Rail Warrant if required. I have no idea why, and that is one of the niggling little penny-pinching annoyances that mitigates against Retention. Of course then, I presume no-one in the Field Army cared a hoot about TA retention - we had done our bit, and were to be worried about in 20 years time.

It hasn't worked out like that - the TA is still needed, and we have long memories...
Snowy - When I came back from T2 I was told the same. The reason I was given was that if we were supplied with a car there would be some implication on drivers hours and so unless we stayed there for 8 hours 'resting' it was a no go. As it was I had already had wind of this and had got my unit to arrange a car for me instead, so was home within 2 hours :D
the_Bat said:

have you managed to break out of Stalag Chillwell, yet. I look forward to hearing you're vitriol, when you've settled. You're original post really beggared belief.

All the best,


Was mobilised and sent to Iraq, although someone at Chilwell forget to tell the unit I was going to that I was coming:

Cue arrival of msr in to 'the most dangerous theatre of operations that the Brisith Army is currently in', with no-one to meet him at the airport.

No worries, just get on the bus to Shaibitha for RSOI, someone will be there, what with the 'R' standing for reception, but no, everyone is pulled off the bus as it drives by the various camps and there are just 5 of us left when we arrive at Camp Bedouin.

Picture the scene, 0200 in the morning and no-one knows we are even there. One of the guys has a UK mobile, so calls the Duty NCO who stumbles across about 10 minutes later and gets us to sign for a camp cot and tell us which tent to go to.

I was a late arrival, so by this stage Bedouin was empty, apart from 20 blokes in one tent - and guess which tent we were sent to....

Still, someone will know about me in the morning and it will all have a been a mistake, no.

Next day, nothing, RSOI package doesn't start for 3 days. Fortunately I met a very kind officer from the KRH on OPTAG, and he invited me to eat in his mess.

Next day, still a bit lost, started asking questions and was finally pointed to the TA SO3. He didn't know anything about me either, but I told him I was mobilised for a CIMIC role (which had been filled about three months beforehand - and was closed down about a month later) and he finally put me in touch with the Engrs.

After four days in the wilderness (no money, no paradigm card etc) I was finally taken to Basra and given to the Engrs, who made me feel very welcome.

So what went wrong: Chilwell blame the IMC, 12 Mech Bde blame Chilwell, Chilwell then retreat furously and, in a disappointing display, claim that all they are responsible for is training reservists in ITDs 1-6 (and I will not hear a word said against the quality of the training which I received there, or the staff delivering it).

And there were at least three other individuals in exactly the same boat.

Yes :D

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