Chilwell & 170 - Genuine request for info

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Sappersmum, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. Please be gentle, whilst I have browsed for some time, I am a newbie with a request for honest responses.

    My son has been in sandier climes for some months and shortly has to decide whether to sign on or not. For an 'inducement' he has been told he will be put forward for 170 Infra.

    He is single now but I think that will change in the near future.

    I have read postings from you guys in 170 about how many times you deploy and the leave situation. Having read these comments I think he is being stitched up and what he is being told is a far cry from reality. I would be grateful for your very honest views bearing in mind possibly a new wife who has never been in a military/patch situation.

    Many thanks.
  2. Well I used to like doing armoury checks there because 170's weapons always seemed to be out so there were fewer to count...
  3. Purely depends on which team he goes to and his trade.
  4. Thanks Captain, I appreciate your comment.
  5. I'm told Power, he is a sparkie
  6. Sorry, Sappersmum, I wasn't trying to make a joke. My point was more that in my experience of being based on the same camp as 170 they were very busy people.

    A good bunch though & while the local area round camp is a bit run down in general I had a very happy three years posted up there.
  7. Don't worry I knew you weren't! What you said confirms all I have read.

    At the end of the day he will have to decide where his priorities lie. I just want him to do so with as much info from the guys in situ and not just what he is being fed as an inducement.

    Believe me I have learnt my lesson the hard way in my military time! All is not as rosie in real life etc.......thanks again for taking the time to answer.
  8. If your son is already serving, I assume as a reservist or TA he should have a pretty good view of what’s on offer. He needs to ask when he will be expected to deploy next and what position they are going to offer him. Just like any job they shouldn’t give him any bum information or false expectations.

    I would say however, there is no particular time to make the decision to join up. If he has made the cut, the Army would take him at the end of his deployment after 6 months or later. Remember the Army (particularly 170 Engr Gp) is desperate for good men, actually any men. He holds most of the cards and could if clever negotiate a good deal, especially on what pay band he will join on.
  9. Thank you for the info. He is regular, in Afghan now and he would no doubt be interested as to what would/could be on offer. I don't wish to sound mercenary (spelling?) but what could 170 offer to him not only in pay but in career advancement and life style? What should he push for in pay band? All questions but as I have said earlier I want him to have as much info at hand before he makes the decision to sign on or not.

    What is married life like for you and your partner? Sorry if I ask too many questions, I'm just trying to get an overall picture so he may be able to make an informed decision.

    Many thanks.
  10. Sappersmum, would you like to come out for dinner with me to discuss this further, i will bring condoms....
  11. Smooth.....
  12. regular, transferring then i take it????
  13. Sappersmum-

    My information may not be relevant as I was an Officer & left Chilwell in 2006. However for what it's worth with regard to lifestyle:

    1. Everyone I met from 170 was a pretty good egg.

    2. The STREs spent a fair amount of time away from camp, not just on Ops but on taskings all over the shop.

    3. Chetwynd Barracks is a pretty good place to be. There is, for example, a fairly well equipped gym, plenty of social events in the various messes and big station bashes like the summer fun day, Remembrance Day, Christmas dos & so on.

    4. The local area (Long Eaton, known as Moth Eaten) is a bit run down & some local “ladies” were known for trying to snare soldiers as they were seen to be wealthy! There could be bother between local blokes & the troops.

    5. Central Nottingham is a very short bus trip from outside camp & the city is buzzing with all kinds of activity. I loved it. There are plenty of local sports clubs (I played for a local Rugby side with several Sappers from 170). There are also some good running/cycling/walking routes along the Trent at a place known as the Lakes which was always good for some relaxing downtime. One of my favourite pubs in the UK, the Victoria Hotel, is to be found next to Beeston station

    6. The Peak District is handy if adventure training is his bag; the National Watersports Centre is just up the road; there was an excellent climbing wall in the city; Bramcote baths nearby is a good leisure centre; and there's a skydiving dropzone nearby in Langar (along with a great go-karting track which we used to use for staff events).

    7. Accommodation is being updated for Singlies living in. From what I understood from my troops, however, there was a bit of a wait to get a married quarter on camp & a lot of alternative quarters were some drive away. Nice to be away from the powers that be but a bit of a nause to drive (the only way to get in) to work as the Barracks is between the M1 and A52 and thus traffic gets hugely bunged up in rush-hour.

    8. The Reserves Training and Mobilisation Centre is on site which makes for good and bad things - the population of camp can be a bit transient, but there is a really varied & frequently quite youthful group of instructors there who used to organise all manner of entertainment/trips which were generally open to any unit on camp.

    Best of all the camp is guarded by MPGS and MoD Plod (these were amogst the least arrsey I've ever met) so there are no Guards to do, although depending on rank there are obviously station duties to be covered.

    As I said my info may be out of date or irrelevant, but hope some of it helps. I certainly had a good three years in Chilwell & he will not have the opportunity to be bored in any downtime he gets from work!
  14. Behave! But thanks for the invite.
  15. No, he is a sapper!