Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by blueskies, Jun 9, 2005.

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  1. hi can anyone enlighten me as to the routine after chillwell,im awaiting the brown envelope,due july for op telic they issue you 2 pair of dezzy boots?are them spiders really that big?cheers.....blueskies.
  2. I was on Telic 2, so things have probably changed a lot. We only got one pair of desert boots and were told we could leave our black boots behind. Like you, we deployed in July, so you should have a nice (HOT) summer. It chucked it down in December. Desert boots are not waterproof. Take black boots as well.

    I didn't see a single camel spider - but know lots of people who did. Watch out also for scorpions and snakes, though depending on where you go, you probably won't come across them.

    Most used bit of kit - GPS. There's only one hill south of Basra and that's by the Kuwaiti border. Only one river - on the Iraqi border. No woods and only the motorways look like roads, so landmarks are few and far between..
  3. msr

    msr LE

    It will depend if you are going as an individual reservist or with a unit.

    In my case, I finished Chilwell on Friday, started OPTAG on Monday, finished on Friday and flew out on Saturday.

    We were only issued one pair of desert boots.

  4. One thing I've found out painfully is that my feet have swelled. So that great £90 pair of Altberg go fasters pinch now.

    Danbat at SLB (if your going there) stocks Altima's and if you travel there's always Yank PX's.

    Most of the creepy crawlies are fine if you leave them alone.

    PM me if you want to ask any further questions quietly...
  5. Some of you are banging on about dessie kit - Try being on Telic 1 - all we got was green kit and grief off the admin staff! :evil:

    After Chilwell I ended up at Grantham for a week consisting of an Anthrax jab, death by PowerPoint briefings and loads of ITD testing to earn a certificate required for entrance into Theater - Yeah right! no one asked for it so we binned them!

    Having said that It has probably changed drastically since then though!

    Having had the unfortunate experience of going through Chilwell in 2000 I thought by 2003 they had sorted out their quirks and cock-ups - No chance!! :evil:

    Saw plenty of wierd wildlife - and yes, THOSE "spiders" can be nasty, feisty and run quicker than your average squaddie!! and they can take a bit of punishment too!

    Here's to wet your appetite

    Bon Appetite! :D
  6. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    Basically, a couple of days at Chillwell, then on to Grantham to do your ITDs, then on to Optag for around a week, then on to your reg unit. I did Telic 5, so did Chillwell at the End of Aug, and finally flew to the sandpit middle of Oct.

    Temps at the start and end of your tour will be 45ish, but mid dec it'll be zero or less at night and can turn into a real swamp, so black boots are a must. You *may* be issued gucci gortex black boots at Chillwell, it depends what roll you're going to do. Saw one camel spider in the last week before returning. Yes they are big, but don't believe the hype. Leave em alone and they are unlikely to bother you. As others have mentioned, snakes and scorpions are also around, mainly in the hotter months, so watch out.

    Good luck!
  7. Yep we got issued 1 set of dessies, Mk2's on telic 2, all are being issued Hi Tec's I think?? certainly all the guys on Telic 3 had the new Magnum.

    If you get to an RAF base of any description in theatre, they have tons of kit,... hence you may blag another pair.

    On Telic 2 a couple of the crew I worked with bought US boots and swore they were top notch.

    Only saw one Scorpion in 4 months, no Spiders or snakes,... but they are there.

    Take warm kit, softy etc for the Autumn/ winter months, its gets fecking cold at night.

    Also take lots of paperbacks... although beware when it hits 130F as it will in August time, the glue in the spines of the books tends to dry up, and you can spend hours chasing pages around particularly parts that you have not read... you will have plenty of reading time!
  8. The way we got plenty of books out to theatre was to make each member of our Sqn take one book each, thus in theory there was a Sqn 'library'. However, after a few weeks we all got split up anyhow.

    Dont believe them, when they say 'you'll get it in theatre' about any kit that you may need to be issued with!!
  9. ..Re the latter, "you'll get it in theatre" so true, ... you can guarantee you will get CBA that will only fit a midget.

    Took me 3 attempts to find a set that fitted me... and then I had to root through an ISO container till I found a half decent set that fit.

    One quartemaster even tried to issue me a set without the pockets for the plates ie the bullet proof bit!
  10. Thats an honest post Dave
  11. Wish I'd met up with Toooldtodieyoung. Spent 6 months with a CBA that was so small, I couldn't fasten the front.

    Is it worth putting a white patch at the centre of the ceramic plates in the hope that it will encourage good grouping in the right place?
  12. I'm sorry. The white patch bit made me laugh so much. You might have ruined my reputation as a miserable b*****d. You....... You.......!

    Initially, I thought I'd scored - getting herman Munster sized CBA ('cause it would cover more of my "covert" frame).

    The first time I sat down in the back of a Saxon I nearly removed my ears with the oversized bodyarmour. It must have looked like something from Michael Bentine's "Potty Time".

    Ho, hum!

    Older, but no wiser.
  13. We contemplated bullseyes for a while on the plates, ... didn't think that some would see the funny side

    funny thing is that after a while you realise how little an area the plates actually cover! if an AK round hits anywhere else you are toast.

    But the enhanced CBA as the government calls it at £167 a copy according to the National Audit Office is top drawer...not!!!

    Thats why the US Interceptor sets currently on issue cost thick end of $1500 on the Internet, plates that can take multiple hits, unlike ours.. and they cover the whole torso

    Nice to know what a life is worth!!
  14. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Good luck with the tour mate. The Army Families Federation dit re back up for your family should appear hereabouts soon.

    And no, you don't have to be married - it might be your folks or girlfriend who just want some advice.

    I have no doubt it's all changed since 2003. No doubt you've soaked up all the advice you can lay your hands on but here's 3 things:

    - take some Isostar or SiS isotonic powder to add to the water (Health shops/Running shops stock it). Because you are sloshing back so much water, it helps to keep the salt/mineral balance up too.

    - If you normally drink tea/coffee don't stop just 'cos it's a hot climate - if your body normally gets caffeine and you go cold turkey you'll get a stinking headache for a couple of days!

    - Take 5 clothes pegs. If you are somewhere heathen, you can dhobi a shirt and it'll be dry in about half an hour.String you can get anywhere .

    You should get a ten day acclimatisation in theatre - don't try and plunge straight in.

    Be interesting to hear from you on the Board while you're there!

    Le Chevre
  15. This all depends on how how quickly the headsheds want you in place ... i was afforded the luxury of 2 swealteringly hot days to acclimatize on Telic 5