Chillwell 29 Jan 07

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by pipes377, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. Is anybody mobbing on 29 Jan 07, and if so do you know when we actually go out to Afg.

    with out breaking opsec
  3. how can i put it without breaking opsec, the hq at bulford
  4. Say,about two and a half weeks after the 29th
  5. thanks, guessed that myself but i heard that they wernt going till mid march and wondered if this was right
  6. S**t, thats news to me. Good news though, i s'pose I will have to tell the rest.
  7. I was told we would go end of march/early april time. My OC gave me this info and loads of dates for pre-deployment things but I still have not received the Brown Letter. I will be attached to 4 LSR
  8. Got my "e-mail" from RHQ this morning. Dates are.... 29 Jan 07 to RTMC and then ready to move 12 Mar 07. As far as I am aware we will be at Chillwell for about 4 weeks!! Not exactly sure what I am going out to do!!
  9. I was expecting to be at Chilwell for a short time then move on to join up with 4 LSR. Prob wrong. Anyone update?
  10. Got brown letter today. Happy or sad? cant decide
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Why not? You volunteered.

  12. Coming from a man who's been injured for fcuk knows how long, I'd be made up meself..
  13. i tore the cartilage in my r knee 2 weeks ago, got operated on last friday and will b bustin myself to b fully fit for the 29th. Gettin better every day. Happy or sad 2 get my letter, are you mad- i cant wait. C u all in chillwell. :D
  14. I'll be at Chilwell on the 29th, although I'm going to "The other place". 8O
  15. Posties are tipping up there too!