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I love using chillis and have just been given a chilli plant. It is going to produce more fruit than I will use so what is the best way if storing the excess? Dry, freeze, whole, de-seed etc.

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Sterilise a jar, pack em in and fill jar with vodka (or oil if you're a bit of a girl)! Alkyhole burns off when you cook em and remaining vodka makes a ******* lush Bloody Mary!
Thanks bigbird. I used to drink honey favoured chilli vodka. Might try that one

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I have been growing chillies for years, I just dry them out by hanging them in the kitchen or a window sill, but they rarely last that long as I then to use quite a few when cooking.


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I freeze mine.
Slice them and put a few in some olive oil- shake well and leave for a month.

You can also make a jam out of the. Not really for toast but goes well with bacon in a baguette.
I' ve done similar with garlic, clean them, put them in the blender with a neutral oil, like sunflower, then add plenty of salt to help as a preservative and bottle.

Store in the fridge, will last for months.

As they are salty, don't use any more in the dish without tasting.
Equal weight of fresh garlic and chilis in the blender, dash of olive oil, splash of balsamic vinegar or lemon juice and lots of salt. Keep in fridge and chuck in everything you cook or eat. Splatter it about energetically on a pizza for the best drunk bloke food you'll ever have.

If you have a tame butcher, give him a bucket of the stuff to chuck in with his mix next time he makes sausages. Open negotiations as to discounting your portion once you have the lot in your sweaty paws. They're hard to resist.
Get a needle and thread, string them together through the stem thingy like a necklace, hang them up whole not touching each other and that drys them out.

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