Chilli Sauces

No, not much, it all just tastes, well, hot....
There's a sweet/smokey version of stuff called e.g. nam prik pao*
It can still be hot, ask them to turn it down a bit

*not a wind-up with the name, it really is 'prik'
I have various seeds if anyone wants them, keep getting freebies from companies but no where to grow them.

packets of:
Texan Pequin
Chocolate Habenero
I'm potting up some capsicum annuum var. annuum seeds I bought for the missus today, she wanted to grow chillis again this year so I thought these'd be a bit different.
Somebody must've posted about them in this thread already, but just in case......


Look for chilli jams (they are not what we in the UK know as jam) and sauces carrying the Karimix logo- or look through the Cottage Delight label (Karimix created some of their range)
Monica is a friend and a true wonder at creating products
I got these for xmas, i have not been brave/stupid enough to try them yet.
You know you want to, post your reactions, personally I try a half teaspoon to guage flavour so as to see what they go best with.
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