Chilli Sauce

I have just made up another batch of this sauce and it reminded me that I had posted a recipe for it on a topic in the NAAFI Bar, so in the interests of economy I will recycle the earlier post.

Chilli Sauce

Here is a recipe I use.
It is loosly based on the ingredient of a bottle of Nandos Peri Peri Sauce.
It centres around the packs of chillies Asda sell with about 3 or 4 in a pack.
Go shopping on a Monday evening and you can sometimes get the packs reduced, the last ones I bought were 7p a pack, making the whole thing less than £1.00.
If you want it hotter use the Birds Eye Chillies and/or leave the seeds in.
If you want to go daft use Scotch Bonnet Chillies.


Chilli Sauce

Chillies: About 5 packs; mostly Jalapenos, but some Birds Eye Chillies add more fire. Remove stalks, split and remove seeds. TIP; wear a rubber glove to hold the chillies and wash hands when finished.

Lemons: About 4 or 5; Asda do a Smart Price net with 5 small Lemons in it. Wash to remove any wax, grate off the rind then split lengthways into 4, with a sharp knife pick out the pips then carve the flesh out of the pith ‘boat’.

Onion: 1 medium onion finely chopped.

White wine vinegar:


In a saucepan gently fry the onion without browning until soft, add the prepared chillies, the lemon rind and flesh and about a wineglass of vinegar and the same amount of water.
Bring to the boil and simmer for about 15-20 minutes.
Remove from the heat and using a hand held liquidiser, process until smooth. (or pour it into a normal liquidiser or food processor).
When finished it should be the consistency of thick soup, if too thin, boil off some of the liquid, if too thick, thin down with more water.
Pour into clean sauce jars and seal, the sauce will thicken further on cooling.


 Add some Tomato puree to sweeten, add more flavour and to colour the sauce red.
 Try substituting limes for some or all of the lemons.
 Add garlic when frying the onion.
 Thai curry packs are sometimes on offer, use the chillies and garlic as above, add the lemon grass and the galangal to the mix when boiling, leave them whole but crush lightly to release the flavour and remove before liqudising.
As the only one in the house who uses chilli sauce I swear by Encona but I will try your recipie at some stage and let you know how it goes.

There is also a fine chilli shop in Ashford Kent that does a wedge of the loony sauces, I have a contact address somewhere but not handy. I'll post it when I can find it again.
hedgehog64 said:
Detonator said:
Three_Two_Charlie said:
TIP; wear a rubber glove to hold the chillies and wash hands when finished.
Fcuking right. I wont be making that mistake again. :chef: :blush:
Puffball :lol:
OK you make some, next time you do WELDING GLOVES and GAS MASK will be first things on your list. I did it and rubbed my eyes because of my hayfever. The bloodys things almost needed to get me down to casualty PROCEED WITH CAUTION and wash hands bloody well after handling.
I'm going to blackcat all you barstewards-I got 'Kick Ass Mule' sauce in my eyes before when I shook the bottle and opened the bottle cap too soon.

It didn't hurt at all....honestly....
Recipe looks good and I love chili stuff so will give it a go.
How long does it last before it goes off?

Try grated tomato which you then fry (no oil or minimal) in a pan till pureed or reduced, cheaper and better tasting than the tube. (You can make a lot, put it in a jar and it lasts a couple of weeks in the fridge, good for sauces)
Also try putting in a small amount of tumeric which not only gives colour but aids digestion of fiery stuff.

As a preference I like the small red chilis from India which you can get in big bags and last ages.

Also have a jar of Pataks chili pickle which has lasted years as no self-respecting bacteria will live there. A little goes a long way! Then I will try copying the ingredients on the side of the jar and make my own.
I got some orange chocolate chillie sauce for icecream last time i was in the states, Been trying to get it over here but no luck so far.
I dont suppose any of you know a UK supplier?
Its called Toadsweat
I could get some from the manufacturer, but I want a couple of bottles, not a pallet!
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