Chilli sauce

expat_71 said:
Vietnamese fish sauce.(It has chillies in it)

It smells SOOOOOO bad but tastes so good.
You will be able to eat without anybody trying to sponge some of your food.

You definitely don't want that smashing in your kit bag.

I also make my suace/chilli is great but a aquired taste.....

On your own buy a impress people make it!!! and perhaps cheat......

Or do what the average southeast asian boys do!!!! raw chilli and salt
tastes great with a can of Tiger!!!!


El_Burno said:
Has anyone tryed the new rat pack hot sauce? I keep meaning to but always forget it's there. It's the one in the skull and cross bones (bones replaced with chillis) sachet.

You lucky guys - you actually get sauce with the rats these days - whats happening to the world :D wish we had :cry: