Chilli sauce



If your in Germany just go to the local gook shops and try a selection of the sauces there - some of them will blow your tits off :D if you've got any that is :wink:


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Vietnamese fish sauce.(It has chillies in it)

It smells SOOOOOO bad but tastes so good.
You will be able to eat without anybody trying to sponge some of your food.

You definitely don't want that smashing in your kit bag.
May I draw the attention of my fellow Arrsers to ? Apparently it is the hottest sauce ever made but what is the point? It would certainly feck you up on ex....I always used to use curry powder and/or garlic salt to give my scran a lift. Until in a Cash & Carry I came across a bag of 250 tiny botles of Tabasco sauce, each holding about a tbsp full...bliss.
Also Soldier's Choice chilli chutney. Good stuff, I get mine from a boy who still sereves with the bloke who makes it with his wife (fnarr). No piccies or web, just 07989 695 143


Daves Ultimate Insanity, hot as f*cking f*ck, jazzes up a boil in the bag nicely & is a real man test for any unfortunate nigs on the crew. How we laughed as our newest crafty changed colour 4 times then started crying.
My personal fave is Zulu but Tabasco is great if your not in the mood for anything too hot. Saying that, I remember getting some in my eye in Shorncliffe on pre-Boz training once and worse pain I have rarely experienced! The worst thing was that cold running water just made it sting more. Couldn't see anything during the cultural awareness lecture so it wasn't all bad...


Chilli is for people with with no taste buds, if you want a real flavoursome experience, try putting marmite on a tramps bollocks, mmmmmm


I will be amazed if there is anything hotter than daves insanity sauce. The health and safety officer removed all bottles from the galley after a few unfortunate incidents with newstarts.
Bought a bottle of hot sauce down in Texas for my uncle which required the signing of a waiver to any legal action before purchase. Warned the old fellow to only use a few drops and instead he slathered it on... thought I was going to have to do CPR on him in the aftermath. :D

Far as chili goes... I make mine using ground buffalo and add a dash of whiskey to it.


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My current 'standard' chilli sauce is the Encona Hot Pepper Sauce which is good for every day use and available from all the major supermarkets.

I have also got a bottle of Tongues of Fire at home, which is far too hot to eat in large quantities! You can buy it from here if you scroll down the page.

I find that if you want a really large range of ridiculously hot sauces Hot Headz are very good.


concur with doomsayer, the encona hot pepper stuff is for winners and my stable condiment of choice, anything hotter and youve got an arrsehole like a japanese flag! seriously my brown(red) eye goes down for a drink if i consume anything more fierce.


Has anyone tryed the new rat pack hot sauce? I keep meaning to but always forget it's there. It's the one in the skull and cross bones (bones replaced with chillis) sachet.