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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Legs, Aug 26, 2012.

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  1. OK; daft title, but it fits with the thread.

    A few times this week I have read items in various publications (BBC Focus Magazine for one) regarding Cryogenically freezing your body or head as soon as you die, in the hope that at some point in the future you can be defrosted and revived and cured of whatever killed you. I know this was big news back in the late '80s and '90s, but it seems to be cropping up again.

    The questions then are:

    Would you want you body or head(!) frozen if you died?
    When (in what era) would you like to be revived - obviously assuming that what killed you can be cured.

    (Apologies for the lack of links, but I'm at work on duty and DII is being particularly pump today)
  2. I'd like to be revived in 1621.
  3. Is that when dinner will be ready?
  4. Not sure that I would like any era. Maybe I'd change my mind if the time came, but I can't imagine deliberately setting myself up to be severed from everyone I'd ever known just out of curiosity about the future.
  5. If I want my head frozen I just stick it in the missus!
  6. 95% of the people I know are *****; so that would suit me fine. Would miss the dog though.
  7. Bugger that! I'm more interesting in moving on and exploring what comes afterwards - many scientists are now saying that there must be something after death, soooooo, when the time comes I'll be haunting a pussy bar somewhere. Hopefully.
  8. For it to work, surely you must be frozen prior to death......because once you are dead, thats coming back.

    Anyway, if it were possible, I would like to be revived when space travel is as common as popping down the shops for a pint of milk.
  9. I read a book on this some time ago, as soon as you flat they keep the body ticking over with life support until they can kick in the cryogenics.
  10. Why do these theorists assume that the future would actually want to cure you. I imagine the world will be more than riddled with it's own problems to worry about unfreezing someone from the past.
  11. As I am completely shit scared of popping off, have you got a link to this, I would sleep much better at night knowing there was a 'ahem' bar after life!
  12. Past humans do a great many things for scientific and archaelogical discovery. Ötzi the ice mummy is an example of that. I always wonder why anybody would want to wake up into world where everything you knew, or understood was out of date and now wrong. A lot of people have problems keeping up
    with technology now.
  13. Simple, you pay to have your body frozen and defrosted at a certain time in the future, its not cheap.

    Also if money was not involved here, then the future would probably want to defrost you out of intrigue and curiosity, the same as we would probably attempt to do the same if we found something frozen from the Jurassic period, oh wait a minute!
  14. This is never going to work, leaving aside the technical problems given high rates of healthcare inflation you'd need to put a huge sum aside that was productively invested to finance your resurrection.
  15. Better hope the company you pay to unfreeze you doesn't go broke.