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Chilean tsunami IA?

The meeja insists that Brisbane is about to be annihilated, yes ANNIHILATED by the tsun...stan...fucking tidal wave from the Chilean earthquake, which is due to arrive in about 90 minutes or so. Like I give a fuck.

Any suggestions?
Is there actually a tidal wave or are they just guessing that one will be coming? At least there should be plenty of video footage if they have this much notice.

True story, I used to live near the top of Mt. Tamborine in the Gold Coast Hinterland at least 30 Km from the sea, and still had a tsunami clause in the house insurance!
And where's the dago King Canute when you need him? Can't they postpone my imminent ANNIHILATION until 1005, so I can face the Towering Wall of Liquid Devastation with a cold beer?

Monty417 said:
So aus, you're in Perth at the Mo, summer's just ending there I believe.
No mate, I'm in Brisbane, the DOOMED city, although the meeja would have us believe that the tsunami's so huge that it would sweep the continent from one side to another.

You're right about summer though, we've had two-three hottish days so far, bugger all really.

Global warming, you see, if we survive the other, global warming will get us, you wait and see!

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