Chilean Training Tragedy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pangur_Ban, May 22, 2005.

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  1. Poor babies.


    I'm sure the Chilean authorities will hold a proper investigation.
  2. RIP Fellas...
  3. I feel sorry for these young people, and their families.
  4. So sad. :(

    Sleep well.

    Beebs x
  5. horrible way to die. :(
  6. RIP

    I am sure those at fault will be held to account for their actions
  7. I sincerely hope you're right sparkysapper.

    RIP lads. You deserved better
  8. According to the BBC, General Cheyre said there had been negligence on the part of commanders, and that the exercise should never have gone ahead in such weather conditions. He said the regimental commander and two officers would be sacked.

    President Lagos announced three days of national mourning.
  9. Cuddles.

    This post edited, as it's a condolence thread. Some interesting background commentary adds perspective, but I'm trying to keep the political commentary out of threads of condolence.



    Talking to a Chilean naval officer today this is seen as possibly damaging the case for continued conscription there. The buzz is not only that some very, very jack officers were involved in planning the exercise but that they failed to participate or indeed to look at the weather/ground on the day. Heads will roll now and over time. The Chilean officer Corps is a very proud and professional one in the main but there are quite a few old school guardee types swanning around and socialising it up at the professionals expense...

    Poor young lads, requiescant in pace