Chilean Miners Rescued.


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I think they are only coming up so they can get the book out for the Christmas market, bet they've been able to get up for weeks but they didnt want to peek to early for the Christmas rush ^^ (stolen from a friends FB page)

Other than that, good job though.
They're being handed survival blankets and their P45 slips as they exit the tunnel.
What a con! Did they have a Barber shop and a Launderette down there? Perhaps a Gap outlet?

I wanted to see bleary eyed Robinson Crusoe types being hauled out, clothes in rags and a maniacal look in the eye. After all that media build up they could have made an effort for the last bit.

Can't wait for the film it's going to be riveting I'll bet, like a really boring version of Alive but in the dark and without the bum eating and snowball fights.
Good point Spaz, I expected to see something like that bloke in rags who used to start Monty Python but no, very Gucci indeed.
I notice Sky have got their 'Experts' on the box giving it large about **** all.

"Special tests will have to be done on diabetics you know", ******* diabetics? I thought they were all roughy toughy miners.
I bet the ones still in the mine are the one that are abour to walk in to a maelstrom of sh1t re wives, 'other' women and the two (or in some cases 5 IIRC) parties meeting :D
I bet they are looking forward to getting their wage slips. Eight weeks overtime! :thumleft:
Just noticed that the bloke that's on his way up now is called Sanchez.

I wonder if he is a, on second thoughts maybe not.


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You just know though, in ten years time, you wont be able to go in a Chilean pub without meeting someone who was "7th man out of the mine"...
Silly Hat on

They'll be making it a Tourist Attraction after all this over to add to the local economy

Silly hat off

Seriously, well done to all involved
Yes well do to all involved, with the exception of the random wastes of skin reporting on the achievement.


Former army corporal Juan Andres Illanes Palma is third man rescued

Who gives a toss if he was a squaddy ?


THE 4 men are on the way to the hospital . NO SHIT !

The telegraphs mongs are the worst though.

Timeline of boring and stupid factoids…

Fiona Govan, one of the Daily Telegraph's team on the ground in Chile, says the cold of the desert night has caught out many of the international journalists: "Those who packed thermal underwear are feeling very pleased with themselves now - the Chileans don't seem to bothered but lots of seasoned journalists are feeling a bit silly - and cold! Elisabeth Segovia, the sister of Dario Segovia, one of the miners, served a cauldron of tea to help keep some of the waiting throng a bit warmer."

Or that …

Mdecogan notes the miners' rescues comes on the 85th birthday of Margaret Thatcher, who had some dealings with miners?

Mdecogan notes the miners' rescues comes on the 85th birthday of Margaret Thatcher, who had some dealings with miners?

Yeah I know, the Sky reporting is just as banal.
Incidently Maggie does have a connection with Chile, wasn't she bezzers with Pinochet during the Falklands do?
I was reading todays Metro on the bus this morning . Someone text the suggestion that as the miners are brought to the surface the rescuers should all be dressed like planet of the apes.

Made oi larf!
All very nice.
But what about the guy who drove the drill into the exact spot where the miners where stuck ? He should never have to buy a beer again.Top work that man.
Think they're all laughing as they get out of the capsule as the manager asks them if they fancy doing any overtime this weekend.
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