Chilean Air Force Hercules Missing

Chilean Air Force Herc with 38pob missing en route to an Antarctic Survey station.

Not a particularly hospitable environment, here's hoping that the SAR effort is a success. After 24hrs with no comms though, hopes can't be that high.................

Oh cr£$.
Heres hoping for good news.
Fingers and everything else crossed for a miracle and a safe recovery of them all.
No news updates so far, so had a look on the Marine Traffic site. this shows a stream of passenger (and recreational traffic (dark blue) flowing between Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego and various Antarctic bases along the Antarctic Peninsula. Contact with the C130 was reportedly lost seven hours in to the flight, half way across the Drake Passage. Roughly in the middle of the well defined flow of nautical traffic, is a scattering of craft, some defined as tugs or special craft (light blue). Unspecified (uncoloured) may be military or simply undefined.
It is probable that these form part of the international search effort. Orange is a fishing boat, although those could be involved in the search or other work.



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