Chile buys French Light Protected Vehicles (PVP)

Chile has recently placed an order for 15 Panhard PVP worth 2 millions euros. Not very significant as such, it is nevertheless the first export order for this vehicle and it could be followed by other orders from the same country. (in French)

The French army has ordered 900 PVPs, some of which having been deployed in Georgia with EU observers.éhicule_Protégé

The Petit Véhicule Protégé ("Small protected vehicle") is a light, general-purpose armoured 4-wheel drive vehicle used by the French Army.

It is also designated as Auverland A4 AVL (Armoured Vehicle Light). Built by Auverland, it is the successor to the Peugeot P4. It is intended mostly as personnel carrier, weapon carrier, and for reconnaissance, detection and transmission purposes.

The PVP is modular, allowing extra seats to be added for more personnel, or to be used as a light truck. The armour, made of steel and aluminium, protects the crew and the engine with the STANAG 4569 level 2. The floor is protected against antipersonnel mines (type DM 31).

A German, 5-door version, named Gavial is available.

A larger version named PVP HD, Heavy Duty, based on the same architecture, with 5 doors and more cargo area is also available.

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