Childrens tv nostalgia.

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by BlotBangRub, May 29, 2007.

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  1. BBC 4 have been running quite a few programs looking back on 50 years of kids tv and I have to say it has been really enjoyable.

    It a cliche, but the stuff I was brought up on was from a golden age and kids tv today is generally crap.

    I would watch Ivor the Engine and Bagpuss now and bloody loved them when a kid.

    Come on Your Majesty, how about a Knighthood for Oliver Postgate?

    This will probably get dumped in the worst threads section, but what the hell!
  2. Charlton and the wheelers. The Adventure game. He-man. Knightmare. Rentaghost. Terrahawks. Think of a Number with Johnny Ball (yes Zoe balls dad for you younger folk!). How! with Fred dinage and that cockmad bird. Must admit I was an Ivor the engine fan, and the Mr Men.
    The Flumps.....

    And my all time favourite that I discovered in my dads draw called **** **** ****!

    They were all quality programmes feck I wish was that young to re-live them! However I still have the latter to this day but you cant beat 70's porn!
  3. Got to agree with regard to the kids tv today - just where is children's hour anyway?

    I enjoyed kids tv in the 60's though, looking back, some of it didn't really have a lot of content. The tv in the 70's and 80's was a bit more educational, then everything went to pot with the likes of the tellytubbies - WTF was that supposed to teach?

    Does anybody remember a cartoon(?) dog (or maybe a puppet) that had "Woolamooloo" as its catchphrase? Buggered if I can remember anything else about it apart from the phrase. Dates to late 60's IIRC.
  4. Multi coloured Swap Shop, Bagpuss,The Clangers, Magic Roundabout,Capt Pugwash, Blue Peter with old Noaksy and Shep the dog. Battle of the Planets cartoon, Flash Gordon (Black & White version) on a Saturday morning,Flipper, Lassie, Skippy, Bat Man with Adam West, Ah memories... :D

    They just don't make em like they use too!
  5. swap shop, tiswas, rentaghost, ivor the engine...fond memories. does anyone remember the programme with hartley hare in it and what is was called. this has bugged me for years.

    todays kikkies tv is crap although there is one tv show which i cant remember its name but the bird who fronts it has a couple of good(large)things going for her.
  6. Pipkins (it's time......)

    Personally I think Brian Cant should be made a Lord and Camberwick Green should be shown on rotation.
  7. Trumpton, Camberwick Green, the Clangers all absolute classics.

    But I always seem to be the only person who remebers and loved Captain Zep (super space detective) which ran for probably 1 series on the BBC.
  8. Centurians.......Power extreme.
    Brave Star.......Speed of the Puma.
    Thunder Cats...Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight.

    Classics, the lot of them and still better than some of the sh!te they put on Kiddie TV these days.
  9. cheers radioactiveman..agree with you that brian cant should be a lord..should be a full day of these shows or a dedicated channel on sky tv..make up for all the other crap they show..

    the clangers, mr benn, hong kong phooey, captain pugwash and captain caveman also srping to mind
  10. Whisper it quietly, but if you have access to Nickelodeon and Nick2, from 8pm on most nights there is a veritable cornucopia of TV heaven. Tonight's highlights include The Clangers, Chigley, Trumpton, Mr Benn and Bagpuss. My two year old is now fully conversant with Windy Miller etc.
  11. feck i missed pugwash i loved that! with masterbates and seaman stains!
  12. If i am not mistaken thats a very young giles brandreth and ex tory boy MP
  13. What about Morph?
  14. Sorry but you are mistaken, it was Nicholas Young.
  15. maybe i am wrong but it doent have look like giles brandreth agreed?