Childrens Trust Funds

Anyone help with this one? I send my daughter to Extra Lessons (Maths etc) on the weekend, and at the same place, a Navy bloke sends his kid. The Navy pay the full wack for 6 months for each subject taken, and apparantly it comes out of a Childrens trust Fund.
My question is this: I presume this is just for the Navy, am I FAR TOOOOOO synical to presume the Army has the same sort of thing???
Unless it comes out of a specific naval trust fund then ask him what it is and try applying as were all supposed to be on tri service allowances now
Yeah, thats what ive been told by Pay Office (JPA rules)
Just got to get hold of him and find out. But thought in the mean time I would post and see if anyone else had come across it.

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