Children sharing rooms

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The_Big_Floater, Apr 11, 2011.

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  1. Guys a bit of advice if you could. What are the rules and guidelines on young children sharing rooms in married quarters, is there any legislation if so where could I find it.

    Cheers guys for all the useful responses in advance....
  2. What like brothers and sisters?
  3. I shared a room with my brother for years, in a married quarter. No issues as far as I'm aware?
  4. Yeh thats what i thought. No problems what so ever. Most of our lads have kids that share rooms. One even made his kids share cause he wanted one of the rooms for a war hammer games room. Interesting bloke!
  5. up until they are teenagers was what we were told around 8 years ago by DHE don't know if the rules have changed.
  6. There is a rule, but I can't remember it properly, I think its a child over the age of ten can't share with a member of the opposite sex.
  7. There aren't any laws regarding bedroom sharing in the UK.

    The council set guidelines at 12 yrs of age if of different genders, but this is a guideline across council and other social housing stock, used to determine housing need - it's not a specific law
  8. Would it be any different than civvy street were by over 8's are not allowed to sleep in the same bedroom as the opposite sex?
  9. Agreed, those rules (and I think there are similar with regards MQ though I'm way out of date) are with regards allocation of the size of houses, IE if you have two daughters under the age of 10 then you only "need" a two-bed house, if you have a son age 13 and a daughter age 9 then you "need" a three-bed house. If there were laws against the number of children allowed to sleep in one room, I think half our immigrant friends would be falling foul of them...
  10. I always recommend keeping children in different rooms though. That way when the Police come round the kids can't corroborate stories.
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  11. Yes, people often mistake it for a UK law, but it's not, it's merely a guideline when allocating housing
  12. JSP 464 says a great many things, including:

    Para 0109. Service personnel. Officers are allocated SFA primarily by rank, however, other
    factors such as family size, appointment, representational responsibilities and personal
    choice may influence the final allocation. Other Rank accommodation is allocated by
    family size, although personal choice may influence the final allocation..

    Para 0327, SFA Allocation for families with three children all aged 10 years and over.
    Where there is an entitlement to Type C or Type V SFA, a family with 3 children who are
    all aged 10 and over, an entitlement to a type D or IV SFA appropriate to rank shall exist.
    The exception to this is RAF Warrant officers who are entitled to a type D SFA regardless
    of their family size. Families with three children under ten may apply to occupy a four
    bedroom SFA on an eligible basis. All families with four children are entitled to Type D or
    Type IV SFA.
  13. Cheers guys, just want some clarification, I just think it's bad to put a boy of nearly 8 in with a girl of 3 in in the same room in a MQ.

    They prefer to put thhem in a 2 bed MQ instead of a 3 bed private hiring as no 3 Bed quarters are available..... to save money...
  14. JSP 464 is the Housing Guide.

    2 Bedroom House/Flat 1 Child (But can have 2 Children living in them until they are both over the age of 5 if there is a shortage of 3 Bedroom House/Flat)
    3 Bedroom House/Flat 3 Children under the age of ten.
    4 Bedroom House/Flat 3 Children over the age of ten or 4 or more Children.
    Sex does not come into it.
  15. You could probably argue your case as they are different genders without too many problems, we were allocated a 3 bed house despite the fact that my husband sons didn't live with us full time and both children in the house were boys (ie, so could have shared a room). So I would request a 3 bed, you'd probably get it