Children of men


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Looks like we will still be using the sa80 in 2027, folks.


Anyone seen this yet?
And by the looks of things 432 and Warrior as well. And Fox brought back into service.
Saw this movie last night and enjoyed it. If it's an accurate view of the future, we'll not only still be using 432s and SA80s but the good old Stolly will be back in service! We'll be using Hummers as well as LR and the Chinook will still be going strong.

On the whole, though, it's a good watch IMHO.

You forgot the Chieftain used in the FISH sequence. Good to see the spam flat-iron faced munter was topped early on though. Liked the psycho jock camp guard, too!
Saw this the other night and enjoyed it, apart from my mate sitting through the film talking about the fact that it was the UK that was carrying on with life but we were in American camo and driving hummers, although the Challenger and Warriors went down well :D
jack-daniels said:
They filmed quite a bit of that in Montgomery Lines in Aldershot.
I was wondering how they managed to make the "post-apocalyptic" detention camp look so realistic....
I caught this at the weekend! Completely loved it, and thought Michael "pull my finger" Caine was a star.
Thoroughly recommended film.