Children of 11 to be finger printed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Mar 4, 2007.

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  1. Barcode my kids please

  2. Hey bad sci fi scripts are the future

  3. Its the only way to stop benifit cheats

  4. Dog Tags are so last century

  5. Prehaps it will defeat AQ or somebody

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  6. The Dear Leader commands and we obey

  7. Is the only way we can keep ahead of China

  8. Must be done because someones taken a bung

  9. Sorry No is not an option

  1. CHILDREN aged 11 to 16 are to have their fingerprints taken and stored on a secret database, internal Whitehall documents reveal.

    The leaked Home Office plans show that the mass fingerprinting will start in 2010, with a batch of 295,000 youngsters who apply for passports.

    The plans are outlined in a series of “restricted” documents circulating among officials in the Identity and Passport Service. They form part of the programme for the introduction of new biometric passports and ID cards.

    Orwells 1984 was meant to be a warning not a new labour fcuking blueprint, just WTF is wrong with these cnuts? This does not even happen in China.
  2. The only consolation is that if the surveillance-happy voyeurs who thought this one up are Volksneuearbeit rather than Home Office then they might be out of power before the scheme starts.
  3. My daughter had her thumb scanned when she was eight for use in the school library as means of identity. My feelings when signing for parental permission were mixed at the time and these new measures have me deep thinking again at all the implications. Together with the worrying ones there must be some positive ones we could also use in the arguement. :)
  4. Not so secret now and I agree it does seem somewhat Orwellian.

    Still at least they might actually have to wash their hands before a meal.
  5. I think they should only be fingerprinted, DNA taken and photographed only if they have been arrested for a crime , as is the current policy.

    Not just because 'we can'.
  6. Agreed, or if they're caught hanging around in streetgangs or indulging in any form of anti-social behaviour. It should be a mandatory facet of being warned.
  7. Don't see the problem.

    We've been doing it for years....

  8. What happened to freedom? I'll be bringing my kids up as healthy freethinking 'potential subversives', who'll be well-versed in how to continue the ongoing fight for liberal values.

    Then again, I'll have to watch they don't rebel as teenagers and transmute into Daily Mail readers - only too willing to see threats around every corner, and rushing to offer themselves up for scientific experiments conducted by a future government.
  9. The kids aged between 11 - 16 yrs up my way, don't need fingerprinting. Most of them are already on the PNC .
  10. Thats what she told you. You should have looked outside and seen the trail of destruction a stolen Panda Car and wreak in a school.

    Ah, using tippex and a photocopier to edit letters from the school, happy days :)
  11. Scan my kids, by all means. I'd rather show them the law is breathing down their necks while they're young than watch them turn into savage lawless oiks by the time they turn ten.

    If they turn out to be benefit cheats or crims by the time they hit their teens, I won't stand between them and the law.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    My daughter will be given long lectures on individual freedoms and privacy, and will include information on God's freedoms rather than 'State' freedoms.

    Hitler had nothing on this bunch of cnuts. I will not have my daughter fingerprinted, DNA'd, photographed, computerised and then have that information passed around to potential nonces in the civil service, or private medical companies.

    This gummint did not issue these personal biological details to her for their databases. I and her mother did with a little help from Nature. None of which is owned by gummint beaurocrats or commercial outfits.
  13. If your daughter, or any child of yours were to cause anti-social behavious I would INSIST upon them being fingerprinted.

    I'm not singling you out, I'm sure you're a brilliant parent but once they go out the door you can't control what they do.
  14. This is a little worring!

    I worked on the school fingerprint systems for electronic registration, and we went to great pains to make sure that the electronic fingerprint signatures could not be used for anything else nor could they be back engineered into the actual fingerprints!

    The Government did ask us if we could store all fingure prints taken and their details for them, but we told them to poke off!!!

    Guess they are looking to do it themselves now anyway, cnuts!!
  15. Did Tony Bliar and his cronies when they were the opposition just pick up a copy of 1984 one day and think "Hmm, this seems like a good way to run the country"?

    I would agree for them to take just one thumb print for identification, but to print all ten fingers says to me they are keeping those for a potential criminal database. Most Biometric entry devices only use one finger print and they are pretty good, but the only time all your digits get printed is when you are arrested for a crime.

    The problem is that this is the US pushing this on, as they are ones pushing for the biometric passports. I for one would be happy to never enter the US if it meant not giving up my rights and freedoms.