Children in Need

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheSnake, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. Ok, sat eating my dinner, and flicked over to Children in Need...

    Dragons Den :

    Loads of kids with weird and wacky ideas...houses for hamsters etc.
    Then a 9 year old ginwar lad comes up the stairs. Full blown on 100% billy no mates 'I need 5k tp promote my "Friends for Loneliness' "...
    Tap dancing as well for effect ffs !!
    OK, he convinces the Dragons to give him the dosh.
    And......cut to the live studio. ...
    His Maj, Tel, and the kinda good looking bint introduce him and the dragons, and ask him to bring his team onto the stage.....enter 20 youngsters.
    8 out of the 10 youths that walk on the stage are bleeding carrot tops !!!
    I'm sure he was ganged up on by the older Gwars.

    Can it get worse?
  2. I spotted the scouser brat with massive burn scars:
    "Sometimes people stare at me scars!"

    No, people are watching you in case you make off with their hubcaps you theiving scouse git!
  3. I am offended.
  4. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Not outraged?
  5. didn't deny it tho :p
  6. talking about mickey mousers....

    Annie Lennox is filling out nicely.
    Ok she's not a scouser, but closer to liverpool then london !!

    Still give her a decent portion.
  7. But how about Fiona Bruce and those legs!!!

    Watching the news will never be the same again!!
  8. We've seen them before in 2005...

  9. The fishnets done it for me!
  10. Angela Rippon had the same effect on me... but I'm showing my age now. 8O
  11. That Fern Cottonball really gets up my nose, the tart is everywhere. Her pronunciation and accent are horrible!
  12. Still empty my mags in her ricker though
  13. with you on that one re fearne cotton, who is she, WHO IS SHE, FFS!
  14. C I N is just another bring piece of juvenile crap to complete our year.