Children in Need funded 7/7 terrorist propaganda?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Psypher, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. According to today's Telegraph thousands of pounds raised by Britons for the BBC’s Children in Need charity could have been used to recruit and train the homegrown terrorists involved in the 7/7 terror attacks on London, Bbsed on a Newsnight report

    You'd think charities would take a closer look at the people they are dishing money out to?

    Unbelievable but quite resourceful of the terrorist though!
  2. If the application looks in order, they´ll give the money.

    We could set up a Military History bookshop and class - to teach British History to teenagers. Take ém away on adventure training in the welsh mountains and convince them to join up.

    If we only mention the teaching bit, we´d get teh money.

    Er. Scrub the British history bit. We´d never get money for that. Let´s go with history of Homosexuality, Racism, multiculturism or similar.
  3. Sidique Khan ran outward bound adventure courses in north Wales which were used to recruit and radicalise young PHASE 1 TRG

    Titles included Zaad-e-Mujahid [essential provision for holy fighters] TATT 1

    and The Absent Obligation, a book about jihad [holy war] TATT 2

    as well as 250 copies of a booklet called the War on Terrorism, the Final Crusade...RULES OF ENGAGEMENT CARD
  4. Just imagine how they would have twisted the story if they had been denied the "charity money": "Islamic Place of Culture Slammed". I have a firm and fair view to Equality and Diversity but it's time that other and by other I mean non Christian religious groups stop playing the "discrimination" card. We may be a multicultural multi racial society, however, we musn't lose sight of the fact that not all muslims are terrorist but it seems the now're days that most terrorist are muslims. So before we give "hand outs" surely we must do some kind of investigation! Rant over
  5. Great, another reason to hate it! :twisted: Can we find that Lottery money has been used in a similar way, andI can hate that more as well?!?
  6. Sure this was the case about three years ago - at about the time the Lottery Commission was inviting applications from all and sundry, due to having a surplus of money that was meant to be donated. Haven't got a link, but this does ring bells.
  7. Surrender now British Army. These guys are unbeatable. They managed to get training funds out of the government! 8O