Children banned from shooting events in 2012 ticket giveaway

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Aug 23, 2011.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'm personally a member of the Anti-Olympics lobby, as it is a colossal waste of money. Do I get no consideration? I think my 'lobby' is bigger than the anti-gun one.
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  2. Undoubtedly, this Olympic lark is just a complete waste of time and money... politicos who want to think they were on a world stage, and then lost the electon.

    We'd have been better spending the billions spunked on this sh1te to provide sporting facilities for our youth.
  3. As most of the running events feature the Starter with his pistol I'm confused.

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  4. Haven't you heard? He's going to point his finger in the air & shout bang!
  5. When I saw the truncated heading "Children banned from shooting" I thought it was about disarming the kiddies. Years ago, I saw a headline about the dramatic rise in crimes involving knives - my first thought was "Well, the Government's crack-down on guns must be working then..."

    But back on track... I guess it's all for the greater good. I mean, you can't have little uns learning that guns can be used in responsible and enjoyable manner, now can we? They might want to go and do something stupid, like join the army...

  6. Not only am I a member of the Anti Olympic Lobby, I have actively resisted any efforts by my club to help the shootists who have been more than happy to see the rest of us former pistol shooters sold down the river as long as they were seen right.
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  7. Welcome to democratic Britain, where a tiny handful of bigots can effortlessly impose their point of view over those of c.250,000 police-vetted law abiding individuals.
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  8. From the comments section in the Evening Standard

    "I do hope they don't still use starting pistols or the kids won't be able to see many track events either. One has to wonder whether anyone in power has the faintest idea how moronic the appear."

    - Tim Kelly, London, England, 23/08/2011 18:00
  9. I first interpreted it as children banned from taking part, understanable if they are from Manchester as they will be pretty experienced.
  10. Oddly the kids are banned from shooting events, but are allowed to watch the fencing...
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  11. What about boxing? Javelin, Archery, rally car racing, martial arts... all should be banned. NOW.
  12. Well said. tenfuckingletters

  13. Our club sec resigned in disgust when we refused to turn over the range for the Olympic elite to use in the run up. **** em, they've got their Sec 5's.
  14. So Children can attend if tickets are purchased? say If i was attending from the US no one's gonna tell me I can go watch but my son cant, correct?
    Otherwise might as well cancel visiting the UK for the Oylmpics if some Mayor can Overule the committee.