Children arrested for their DNA

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by SkiCarver, Jun 4, 2009.

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  1. linky

    we really are all just suspects in the states eyes, even children.
  2. Could it be that that Right Wing hate-figure, Ms Chakrabarti, was right? Gee, who'd ha' thunk trampling the law of the land just 'coz you don't like the target could ever turn out to be a bad thing?...
  3. I can't speak for waht goes on in the Met but that's the biggest load of sh!te I've ever read.
  4. Sounds credible to me.
  5. Aren't they likely to be chav kids...
  6. YAWN
  7. It's a load of tosh. Break out the tinfoil. I've never, ever, in my 8+ years in the job heard of anything like that.

    I'd be interested where they found the "police officer" who spilt the imaginary beans from.
  8. Not sure it is true, but would not be surprised if it was.
  9. Seagul, you are as entitled to your opinion as am I. It still sounds credible to me.
  10. Fair enough, I respect that, but it's still b0llocks. :wink:

    edited to add.

    If (and it's a big IF) it is true. It's quite shocking! 8O
  11. Perhaps. But then this is the force that has managed to clock up a staggering 154,293 S44 TA stop and searches which does suggest a certain lack of common sense at work
  12. Blogg, you are right. A S.44 stop means that a target can be met without the officer having to think.
  13. We are all property of the Government, so they have a right to know everything about us. How can we be trusted not to become terrorists or pedos if they don't have a database of our biological data, the phone calls we make, the websites we visit, the friends we have on Facebook, the location of our cars and thousands of CCTV images per day?
  14. Don't know about there but many states here have been quietly cataloging dna of newborns for years now.
  15. And to back Deltadog up, I hope that none of you exercised your right to vote today?
    The only valid protest is after all not to vote.

    May our glorious leader rule for a thousand years

    Edited for rubber, homebrewed fingers