Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by DeeMee(A), May 9, 2007.

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  1. My working partner and I have a small child that is farmed off to childcare, the government has introduced these vouchers to encourage people back to work but I've been told that the army wont be introducing this until autumn of this year due to (wait for it!!!!) waiting for JPA to settle.
    Until then we're lumbered with the none too small cost, anyone know of a way to claim these, is it just the army not doing this or the MOD as a whole?? My partner unfortunately works for a company that is not signed up to this scheme.
    For anyone reading this that knows nowt about it but will reap the benefits of getting reduced childcare costs dig out Defence Internal Brief (DIB) 2006/06 for info, there's figures and contact numbers on there.
    Basically you will be able to purchase (direct from pay) a maximum amount of vouchers per month (its £217 per parent) and these will be worth more to your childcare provider which if you're on the higher tax bracket (over £40K) would save you £1,067.00 or lower up to £859 per year!!!!
  2. Try this link on Childcare Vouchers Maybe you can get your partner to persuade their workplace to sign up to them as described in this clip from the page:-

  3. Just found this:

    The News

    Chapter and Verse

    Basically it starts on 10th Dec, Email your details to and they will send you an application pack when available.

    Point to note:
    It's employee based not child based so if you have more than 1 rug-rat your entitlement doesn't go up. However(!) if you are both serving, or your spouse is employed in a job that supports this scheme (i.e. civil service) you can both use the scheme and get double the vouchers.