childcare vouchers

Childcare vouchers

Have a look at this from an earlier RHQ discussion. Basic answer would appear to be no, not yet, but may change once JPA is in.

Don't hold out much hope though
I enquired recently about childcare vouchers with my UAO, as a Crab I had hoped we would be leading the way...sadly it is not the case...mind you this one Broon's Good Ideas so what do you expect...I have the joys of using JPA shortly and will be enquiring about the childcare vouchers again...

as for BFG in theory it should make no difference PROVIDED that it is a ofsted inspected/accredited childminder. I assume that some of the childcare facilities on the patch must comply with this??
The latest IC Brief... simply wait for JPA!

DATE: 21 February 2006 SERIAL: DIB 2006/06
ISSUE: Service Personnel Childcare Voucher Scheme
AUDIENCE: All Armed Forces personnel and their families
TIMING: Routine
• In line with the Government’s “Ten Year Strategy for Childcare”, the
MOD is developing its own Childcare Strategy, which will provide
direction and guidance to the Services on how best to meet the
childcare needs of Service families.
• The strategy will introduce a “salary sacrifice” Childcare Voucher
Scheme, which will grant Service families access to a tax-efficient
source of vouchers towards the cost of registered or approved
childcare. Many other employers are planning to introduce similar
• The introduction of the salary-sacrifice scheme must be integrated
with the roll-out of the new Service pay system, the Joint Personnel
Administration (JPA). This means that the earliest the new scheme
can be introduced is after spring 2007.
• MOD has produced a fact sheet (copy below) on the proposed
scheme, aimed at the wider Service community, and Commanding
Officers are encouraged to disseminate it. This fact sheet will be
updated as the MOD Childcare Strategy develops.
1. A “salary sacrifice” scheme is an agreement between an employee and
employer in which the employee surrenders some of his or her cash salary in return
for a non-cash benefit provided by the employer. Part of the MOD’s Childcare
Strategy will be the introduction of a new salary sacrifice Childcare Voucher
Scheme, which will allow access to childcare vouchers towards the cost of
appropriate childcare. Exact details on who will and will not be eligible for the
scheme have not yet been worked out, but it is likely that all Regular Service
personnel with children will be eligible.
2. For the scheme to work, Service personnel pay systems will need to be able
to cope with salary sacrifice, and this requirement has been registered as part of the
roll-out of the Joint Personnel Administration (JPA) across the Services throughout
2006. However, to be certain of successfully implementing JPA we cannot now
introduce any new requirements on the JPA system until after the initial roll-out,
meaning the earliest such a scheme could be introduced is after spring 2007.
Defence Internal Brief
Introducing salary sacrifice early, for example through a separate or manual system,
is impractical given the complex nature of the change programme, and the need to
deliver JPA without significant additional risk.
3. The scheme will be administrated through a change to monthly pay. The
amount that Service personnel could save on childcare as a result of the scheme will
vary depending on a number of factors including income, number of dependants and
the amount a family pays for childcare. Because the salary sacrifice will affect pay,
the scheme could have implications for any existing earnings-related benefits that a
Serviceperson receives (such as tax credits) or other financial considerations
calculated on pay (such as maximum mortgage loans). For example, some people
on lower salaries might be better off NOT using the voucher scheme. The picture
could be complicated further if the non-serving partner of a Service person is in
employment, and their employer also offers a childcare voucher scheme. In short,
individual circumstances will vary to such a degree that it is not possible to offer
completely general advice, and Service families should carefully consider their own
situation, if necessary seeking additional information or, ultimately, independent
financial advice.
Lt Col Steve Richardson, AD SPPol Families, 0207 218 7759, (9621
Sandeep Duggal, SPPol Families 3, 0207 218 4019, (9621 84019)
Service Personnel Childcare Voucher Scheme Fact Sheet -
Defence Internal Briefs (DIBs) are released by the Defence Public Relations Bureau. Comments or
feedback on the process or format of this brief should be directed to Jenny Moran, DGMC-Def PR
Bureau Deputy Editor on 9621 85988
For past DIBs see:
Good to see that the PTB are honest enough to say that it is all a bit difficult but disappointing too that they haven't incorporated something that is being postively seized upon by civilian firms!

The might be worse off bit is factually accurate but is a red herring as until you can do the sums (on JPA), you can't check.

Oh well, "the earliest the new scheme can be introduced is after spring 2007".

Taking in to consideration that we are so poor at getting any changes to contracts/deliverables to IT systems we purchase, what's the betting that this won't be in until well after that? I for one won't be holding my breath

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