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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by dragosani, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. Hi all, just putting this in the naafi coz not sure where else to put it.

    Also, before any flameage starts, I'm asking for valid, experienced feedback - all flams please post in /dev/null thanks...


    Well, my first kid is now on the way - due in May next year (wayhay! and thanks all), I'm not married, but seeing the lassie - have been together on and off for a year or two now. We don't live together.

    Now, I deploy Jan 7th and am sure to get rnr time off for the birth and parental leave etc - that's not my question....

    But, I was talking to the lass the other day and she was telling me about applying for child benefits - I was like - wtf, erm I don't think so. If you need any monies, then I'LL be giving you money - setup DD etc before I go etc - I don't have any intention of "claiming" any monies from the gubment etc.....I don't think my parents did when I was a nipper as they both worked, and I intend to raise my kid the same way I was raised...No benefits, no claiming stuff and definately no TV :) (Sorry TV_Guy)....

    So, my question is around the above - I advised my lass of this and she still says she's going to claim child benefit whilst I am away - and before I take the big stick to her, I'm seekign advice.

    N.B. I haven't looked any further for advice yet (parents, agencies etc) but will be doing so in the very near future, just wanted to ask advice and your views on the subject....

    What's entailed if she starts to claim monies from gobment?
    MY intention is to give her a nice wedge of my cash every month to make sure mum and baby are well provided for, until I get back from my tour....

    Look forward to sensible replies guys....


    - D
  2. Everyone in the UK with kids are entitled to Child Benefit - about 70 quid a month - regardless of what they earn.

    If she wants to claim child tax credit/working tax credit then again she is entitled to as it's based on hours worked and earnings.

    However, she will not receive ANY child benefits/child tax credits until she has had the baby.

    Is she working at the moment?
  3. Putting this in RHQ
  4. What she said!
    If you want to do the whole supporting thing, the money could always be paid into a savings account in the childs name. Kids are bleedin' expensive though, so even with your input, the CTC and CHB payments can be the difference between scrimping and giving your child a good standard of living.
  5. If she is working but not entitled to maternity pay from her employer, she will also be able to claim maternity allowance. This is paid by the authorities and is based on her earnings.

    It is paid for a maximum of 26 weeks at a flat rate of £108.85, or 90 per cent of her average weekly earnings if that is less than the flat rate.

    Call this number for all the info on maternity allowance 08457 64 66 46
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  7. Thanks all - took a while to find this thread but got there in the end...

    Got all the info I need - cheers again.

    - D
  8. Are you some kind of muppet ??? 8O

    You pay tax and NI to the welfare state so your child is entitled to receive a share of it which the mother of your child is entitled to claim.

    She will also have her National Insurance 'stamped' for the period that she is in receipt of Child Benefit for, this is important if she wants to receive the full state pension (whether it will still exist is another matter)

    Trust me, having a child is very expensive, the money that you receive from the government is very helpful - nappies, clothes and baby milk aint cheap you know !!
  9. Neither a muppet nor clued-up on Childcare, thanks for asking, any other observations, please re-read my initial post kk thx la~

    As this is all _very_ relatively new to me, just popped in to ask advice whilst at work before I get some time off to look into this properly...


    - Muppet
  10. Bowmore_Assassin

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    Notwithstanding the principles of your view that you "... don't have any intention of "claiming" any monies from the gubment etc.....I don't think my parents did when I was a nipper as they both worked, and I intend to raise my kid the same way I was raised...No benefits, no claiming stuff..." - I reitierate an earlier post - you pay tax and NI. Therefore claim back what you can from the theiving gyppos in the Treasury.

    You are entitled to Child benefit, circa £70 a month. If you don't want it, stick it in a Child Tax Free Saving Account. You are also entitled (possibly, depending on your salary level) to Child Tax Credits which is different to Child Benefit, so suck up the pain of paperwork and claim it - if you don't want it stick in the same tax free saving account for your offspring. You will also get a voucher worth a couple of hundred quid to open a Child Tax Free Savings Account - use it for your child and open an account. In eighteen years time when said child wants a car/money to travel/money to party at uni - you have 18 years of savings paid for by the Gov't, which you paid for in the first place through the legalised robbery system known as tax. If you do not want to save it all for your child to give to them downstream, claim it and save it anyway to contribute to school/university fees/wedding of said offspring or whatever.

    Alternatively, claim it and give it to me...Just Claim It !!!!!
  11. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Also, forgot to mention the recent implementation by the MoD of the Child Care Voucher Scheme which is well worth it (saves you up to £1195 in tax a year depending on salary and amount of vouchers claimed). Sodexho run it for the MoD and it is a simple enough process. Send an e-mail to asking them to send you details of the scheme.
  12. Thanks again. No I didn't know about those sites/agencies and, being a muppet, I had no intention of claiming anything. But I shall surely look into this now if entitled (or at least point my lass in these directions - I'm sure she'll approve!) :D

    Thanks again.

    - M
  13. Make sure that the Benefits Agency get your wives file as being at home as she marks time for the State Pension i.e. she doesn't have to make up NI contributions later. At least this is what Mrs Jockster tells me.

  14. if you don't want child benefit, on principle, you're welcome to pay it into mini G_Bs child saving account, i'll even fill in the paperwork for you...thanks

    edited to you'll be asking why you can't have a quarter when gays in a CP can?