child tax credits

I am a SNCO and am married with 3 children, my wife is trying to find work but the cost of childcare is not cheap! my two youngest are 3 yrs and 2 yrs, does the mod help in any way?

seems ironic that a single parent gets massive amounts of financial aid, for not working, where as I and many like me pay taxes but get little in return, instead we pay for those who would rather not work!

does any one know of any schemes that help? :eek:
I am sure that there is a childcare voucher scheme, where the cost of the childcare can be paid in that way from your pay BEFORE tax. Not a massive saving but every little helps.
Think yourself lucky you have your wife to look after your kids. Like all single mums in the army I have to pay the same housing charges, utility bills and childcare as yourself, non of which is subsidised by the state, as for wtc - we are not entitled as we earn more than the cutoff amount of £10,000. Im sure I speak for a lot of single mums out there that we work bloody hard to support our children and give them the best possible life rather than sitting on our backsides claiming every benefit under the sun. That said I do agree that the governement do nothing to encourage people to go back to work as the cost of childcare in most cases outweighs the benefits of doing a days work, and leaves you out of pocket. I unfortunatley do not have that choice. :x

Rant over lol :D

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