Child Snatch Alert: Worcestershire

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Child snatch alert

A boy, said to be about nine, was seen with a man who is aged between 45 and 50, in Treddington Close, Woodrow, Redditch, at about 1915 BST.

Police have released the details under the newly-launched Child Rescue Alert System to alert the public.

Anyone with information should ring police on 08457-444888.

Hope they find him soon.
Bump? Nope, that one's lost one me, give us a clue will you?
Am I missing something here? Why do they think the child has been abducted, theres no name given. Presumably if your child had gone missing you'd inform the Police and we'd have some details. Is it just a case of "a dodgy looking bloke has been spotted with a boy who looks about nine"
Am I just being a bit dim? :?
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