Child Sex offender Murdered.....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. I hope this hasn't been posted before, but I just saw this on Yahoo news:

  2. If he was a nonce then at last, a happy story in all this doom and gloom
  3. Oh what a shame
  4. A baying mob?

    Sure it wasn't a fracas or a rumpus?

    Newspaper scribblers live in their own little world.
  5. Could just easily be somebody saying the bloke is a nonce, somebody else tells somebody else and suddenly you have a baying mob. If anyone wants to know how mob mentality works just search for "outrage" and "bus". :)
  6. That's the best way to stop kiddy fiddlers from offending again. Gets my vote.
  7. RIP Mr Fiddler.

    It's a crying shame that you cannot finger a kid without being branded a pervert.

    The Army Cadet Force have been getting away with it for years, in fact they class it as a badge of honour - well, more akin to a stain up to the elbow.
  8. It was because he owned a caravan.
  9. Can we expect La Beckett to be murdered in the same way then?

    Heres hoping.... :twisted:
  10. A complete lack of imagination. It should have been a torch carrying baying mob and they should have cornered him in a windmill. 3/10
  11. With or without Pitchforks K13?
  12. Thought that went without saying :D
  13. and all as dumb as mud?

    sorry we can't spare the gubmint to do this
  14. I still firmly believe it could have been suicide.
  15. And here are the baying mob responsible

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