Child Sex offender Murdered.....

I hope this hasn't been posted before, but I just saw this on Yahoo news:

A man thought to be a child sex offender was found hacked to death in his caravan. Skip related content
The victim was 52-year-old Andrew Cunningham, according to the Sun. He died after suffering multiple stab wounds to the head, neck and chest.

Mr Cunningham was set upon by a baying mob who left him naked and covered in blood in his caravan, the paper reported.

His injuries included wounds to his genitals
A baying mob?

Sure it wasn't a fracas or a rumpus?

Newspaper scribblers live in their own little world.
Could just easily be somebody saying the bloke is a nonce, somebody else tells somebody else and suddenly you have a baying mob. If anyone wants to know how mob mentality works just search for "outrage" and "bus". :)
RIP Mr Fiddler.

It's a crying shame that you cannot finger a kid without being branded a pervert.

The Army Cadet Force have been getting away with it for years, in fact they class it as a badge of honour - well, more akin to a stain up to the elbow.
A complete lack of imagination. It should have been a torch carrying baying mob and they should have cornered him in a windmill. 3/10
I still firmly believe it could have been suicide.
mick_sterbs said:
lonegroover said:
It was because he owned a caravan.
Can we expect La Beckett to be murdered in the same way then?

Heres hoping.... :twisted:

One lives in hope.

Another knife crime for London. The police will be pulling out all the stops on this one.
rockpile said:
Another knife crime for London. The police will be pulling out all the stops on this one.
I recall a couple of years ago some nonce was double tapped outside his festering hovel. Immediatly after it happened the police spokesman was explaining it would be difficult to find the perpetrators ... lack of evidence and lack of witnesses. later the family of the deceased were moaning about lack of progress in the case.

Guess they had better things to do than devote time and manpower to investigate an animal being put down!
As long as he was guilty..............mobs are well known for their rationality and sensible decision making.

Doesn't make it right though does it?
Wonder if he might have been a Portsmouth Pediatrician on his holidays by any chance??

Mind you if he was taking a holiday in a caravan then he deserves everything he got..

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