Child seats and ISOFIX

Can anyone clarify what ISOFIX is?

We currently have a car with ISOFIX, but are thinking of buying a car that doesn´t. And the Mrs is a bit worried on this matter (no kids currently around by the way).

I was under the impression ISOFIX is a quicker way of swapping car seats around from car to car. We only have one car, and will continue to do so,so are there any other points about ISOFIX that would make them better than seatbelts for nippers in car seats?

Cheer for any assistance.
IIRC Isofix is the method of attaching compatible car-seats to brackets that are part of the car chassis. Look under the seats and you'll see them. This avoids having to fix a car-seat base to the car and then the seat to the base. We had a car-seat with a base and it was a pain in the bum as the base kept moving ever so slightly and therefore wasn't as secure as it could have been. As Isofix mountings are welded to the chassis then the seat is attached to these and there's no movement = much safer.
Going through all this drama myself at the moment as my Missus is pregnant.

Isofix fits to the chassis, then you stick the car seat on top. It's supposed to be the safest type of car seat because it's so secure. The yellow bits are the bits which attach to the chassis.

Edited to add: They aren't cheap! The car seat I put in the picture above costs about a hundred quid, and the base costs about the same again. Not the kind of thing you want to skimp on but still hurt my wallet!

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