Child Sacrifice

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by re-stilly, Oct 12, 2011.

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  1. I know we are all a bunch of cruel vindictive bastards but. this is quite horrifying.

    Child Sacrifice as Business
  2. They can have my little nephew if they want, snotty little bastard.

    No, in all seriousness, I thought they were targeting albinos.
  3. Think you will find that is Ethiopia
  4. Nevertheless, we shall continue to send millions, billions even, into the gigantic latrine that is Africa.
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  5. I've just read this - and having spent a little bit of time in Uganda - it is truely shocking. Uganda has had such an awful post-colonial history, but things were really beginning to look up after the 2006 elections. Although I was there as an observer, I would have happily moved my family out there permanently if the right job came along (unfortunately I was out-of-synch with teh DA plot). It is a heart-achingly beautiful country. If it wasn't Amin, it was Obote, the LRA, now this horror, set against massive (Chinese) investment in supposed Great Lakes hydrocarbons.

    Edited to add:

    EU funds (and UK overseas aid) is linked to a transparent democratic process. I wass impressed byt eh level of political involvment in teh elections, which were as 'fair' as we could determine, and porbably just as 'fair' as elections we hold in the UK.
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  6. Ah, fair one.
  7. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    truly and epically****ed. The people and the continent, the Chinese will pillage the resources until they run out and then bug out and the whole of sub-Saharan Africa will wind the clock back 1000 year and descend into chaos.
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  8. I think you will find chaos is an improvement for most of Africa.
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  9. There was a report on one of the news channels last night [not sure which, i,d had a glass of wine or three]

    Undercover reporter with a hidden camera posing as an oil company rep approached one of the ****ing child murdering savages about a ritual
    that would supposedly bring good luck to their endeavours. The guy suggested the ritual murder of a small boy which involved decapitation
    and castration. The reporter spoke to another small boy who had survived the horrors of the same ordeal although he will now spend
    the rest of his life minus genetalia and with some nasty scars to the head, physical and mental.
    The boy identified the guy in the secret film as one of his attackers.
    The **** will probably rock up on our shores at some time in the future seeking asylum and we,ll be unable to deport him as he could
    face torture or human rights violations [here,s hoping]
  10. I don't think that this is an African problem any more than malaria is.

    People have been sacrificing other people world wide almost from the point that we became 'people' and not smart monkeys.
    It's still common in Africa, but paradoxically, that's probably a sign of INCREASING prosperity, rather in the same way that Rhinos and tigers are disappearing.

    Common folk tradition or belief in traditional medicine give the bodies of the dead or bits of animals a psychological power. It all comes down to an ancient belief in 'Sympathetic' magic. -If I eat something that was long and hard, like rhino horn, my limp dick problem goes away. If it was a powerful predator like a lion or tiger, then if I eat it, I will be powerful... and so on.
    BUT-these beasts are rare and expensive- So only the rich can indulge in them. China is now very rich, so there are more rich people driving the demand for rhino horn and tiger bone.

    Human sacrifice is VERY expensive. The police ask so many questions...
    So, anyone desperate enough to decide to try it must pay very well indeed- You need a 'disposable' body, a 'witchdoctor' willing and able to do the job (And keep his mouth shut) You need to find someone to dispose of the left overs...You need to bribe the local coppers when the bits are inevitably discovered...and so on.

    Truly dirt poor people don't sacrifice anything-because they can't afford to waste anything. On occasion a village might make a public sacrifice to the Gods, but secretive Human sacrifice says that there are enough greedy and wealthy people willing to try magical shortcuts to get more.

    ..And if you think that we are immune, nip down to Waterstones and look at the New Age section. There's enough irrational crazies over here that would do exactly the same, if they thought they would get away with it.
  11. Good post Hector - especially the last paragraph.

    This does sicken me to the point where I can't think about it. Africa is not the only place were children are treated this abominably, I recall a child kidnapped and hanged in Basra by the Garamshas - still makes me angry today to think about what a four year old goes through as some animal puts a noose around her neck?

    What does worry me is that some of these people are here thanks to a deliberate policy by the Labour party and as Steven posted - it has happened here. I really admire the coppers that have to deal with this sort of thing.
  12. '..And if you think that we are immune, nip down to Waterstones and look at the New Age section. There's enough irrational crazies over here that would do exactly the same, if they thought they would get away with it.'

    Are you talking about Green party members?
  13. From Stevens link

    "A few weeks ago the Met put out a number of 300 black children missing from schools.

    then this

    But Dr William Les Henry, a lecturer in sociology at Goldsmith's College, said there was an element of racism about the report.

    He said: "The model that they're based on, they always seem to base their models on the fact that Africans are less civilized, less rational, so their whole systems of rationality are irrational."

    FFS !!!

    The following link has some nasty stuff in it and is outwardly racist so definately NSFW. Blogger looks like a bit of a nutter, but the stories are from the mainstream press - the cartoons may be offensive to some people

    Then this cannibal Human flesh apparently being sold in London

    Some quotes:-

    The true figure for missing boys and girls is feared to be several thousand a year - in London

    A Met spokesman said: "We undertook a project aimed at improving our knowledge of issues impacting child abuse within the African and Asian communities of London. The aim of the project was to open a dialogue within these communities and encourage a debate which would help reduce the risks of harm to children."

    A word to the Met -you can't "open dialogue" with people that think wearing other peoples tongues around their neck will make their c*ck bigger!!
  14. Does it work though? I mean perhaps the Greeks could give it a try!
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