Child Psychologist for depression - bar to entry?

I am 18 and when i was 11 was referred to a child psychologist for depression
I never took any prescription drugs - will this effect my application?
Do you have any Swarfega thats been chilled in the fridge ?
Dont worry about it, get down to the afco and get your app in.

If they say no, then tough shit, if they say yes, happy days for you.

good luck


yh but it will be in my medical forms when i start so they will c it
Ask in the careers office, or take your wind up away and put your face against a lit space heater and do it quick before people who don't understand what a wah is come in here and start shouting WAH!


Im due to start basic in a week or so - ive passed adsc but this wasnt in my adsc medical
So, you're already in the Army (or have been given a place and date to start training at least) but you feel the need to ask now? How would the Drs who do your medical when you start training find out unless you tell them?

How do you start training in a week or so? Forgotten what date you're supposed to be there?

2/10 must try harder
RMP and yes next week i start - but they wil this time see that i have been to a psychologist and a young age whereas at adsc they dont have access to ur med records!
Have you thought about Suicide? if

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