Child protection/welfare

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by MrsBee, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. So to cut a long story short, one coach has decided that it is acceptable to exercise children on a Friday night between 11pm and 2am. Some of these children are 10 years old.

    Its generally believed that the parents have been lied to by the coach and are under the belief that this training time is A ok! Though they are not insured to be training at this time and well it's crazy!

    Would you allow your child to train at this time? Are the parents acting poorly?

    I personally find it ridiculous that children are exercising at such times, but is there anything that can actually be done to stop it? Any law protecting children in this circumstance?
  2. Don't take your kids. Simple.

    And what training are they doing? Football, rugby, athletics? It might help with your query if people knew.
  3. Childrens Services from the Local Authority.

    It is not right what he is doing. Harmful to development.
  4. I don't have any to take luckily :) no noise machines in my house! Other people have raised their concerns too so just wondering what could be done.

    It's a ice skating club. So yeah kids on a ice rink at 1am :/
  5. That's what I was thinking, but that's a dangerous slope to start descending is it not?

    And it's a she surprisingly with 3 kids! God knows what they endure?!

    EDIT: how would you prove it was damaging?
  6. Those would be loopy hours even for adults -- I certainly wouldn't go, and I wouldn't let my (11-year-old) daughter go either.

    More a question of common sense than child protection: get home at 0230 earliest, up again for school at 0730 latest = max. 5 hours' kip -- sounds great.

    Edited to add:

    Just seen your post about the rink. Clearly, he can only get the rink once it's closed to the public. But trying to train for anything that late at night is not going to work, especially for children.
  7. So if they are not your kids, and you don't even have kids... what is your problem? I can't see how it affects you, nor why anyone with kids would want your advice. Why not point them at... mumsnet.

    You have already posted half the answer... 'they are not insured to be training at this time'. So don't train.

  8. Sometime facilities are only available for serious training outside of normal public hours. For example I know of some young boys who get up at 5am to do some serious swimming before school and then swim again very late sometimes too. So without knowing the specifics of your grumble I cannot consider if it's unreasonable.

    As for insurance. Have YOU read the specific policy small print terms, condidtions and exclusions? Or this this just your assumption?

    Over the years I have heard the "insurance agrguement" used so many times by people who just don't know something, that it's become pathetic. Like those people who try to give their view credabilty by saying, "Cos that's the law!" when it blatently isn't and it's plainly obvious that they don't know.
  9. An early start sounds brighter than a late finish, if there's no way of getting the rink at a civilised hour.
  10. Unless he is physically forcing the children to attend and has the consent of the parents then there is no child protection breach, a more important question is what sort of parent would consent to allow their children out so late for training
  11. What ice rink are they training at?
  12. Oh, it's about an ice rink. So you are claiming that the business owner or public facility is operating without Public Liability Insurance as a bare minimum? I would have though that would be the very first thiing that gets checked on Health and Safety visits...
  13. To further the information in my last post as long as he is insured, vetted, has parental consent, is not training them alone (has the correct adult to child ratio) ( its advisable that if working with a mixed gender group that atleast one other adult is female) and has the relevant qualifications to train in the discipline he is teaching then no there is no breach

    Ps I am a community worker myself
  14. I see some of your points, I also skate and have coached in the past. I train at 5am till 10am and 6am till 8am so I do understand the early mornings all too well, but if your getting up early you go to bed early to try and combat the lost sleep.

    But these kids don't have that opportunity. Perhaps as some of you said its the parents to blame for taking them, but you'd think a professional coach would think twice.

    We're not talking possible Olympic champions here and the ice rink is open daily for early morning patches for the children to practice. There are also other weekend clubs at 9am to skate. So it's not like there's no other opportunities open to them or that coach. There is also other ice rinks that could have a more appropriate time slot available? So I don't understand the need to have these poor kids up till 2am.

    It's all possibly more odd than illegal as some have stated.

    EDIT: I jut checked my coaching file it is insured. sorry.
  15. But its immaterial as the OP has no kids anyway. Cross pollination from bitchnet? NIMBY? Too much time on one's hands? Who cares?