Child poverty

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by All_I_Want, Oct 5, 2008.

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  1. I heard on the news on R4 today that child poverty is up. The interesting thing about it though was the way that they described child poverty.

    Apparently child poverty is not that the child does not have enough food etc. no. Its when these children do not get what other children take for granted. So any child who say does not have a bike is in child poverty? Or a skateboard? Or a Wii?

    Does anyone have the proper definition of child poverty?
  2. To me, child poverty is one of those small fly infested African sprogs that Madonna keeps wanting to adopt and keep as a pet.

    Child poverty in the UK? Naa. Don't think so. We have far too many do-gooder orgs to stop any child being in true poverty.
  3. I am just back from the DRC.They have some real poverty there.

    A person cannot be 'raised' out of poverty (not that it exsists in this country),a person must be given the CHOICE to better themself.

    Handouts are for the weak and the willing.

    And Sophie Ellis Bextor is still looking hotter than most human woman.(She was knocking around at yesterday's demo for those who were wondering).
  4. Them days we were glad to have the price of a cup of tea, a cup of cold tea. Without milk or sugar, or tea. In a cracked cup and all....
  5. Flippant.....and bang on the money.

    For child poverty read 'feckless adults'.
  6. "Cold tea without milk or sugar in a cracked cup, by heck, thee were


    Don't start 'em all off on that Vampire, the buggers will write pages of it

    Besides, it's off thread. :wink:
  7. Something about sucking on a damp rag? :)
  8. heard it on the news

    if a family have to live on £10 or less a day any chilfren in the family are classed as living in poverty

    who thought that one up ?
  9. RE: child poverty in this country.

    A close family member of mine works for a UK based charity.

    Children under 10 acting as carers for parents unable to work due to grand mal Epilepsy.
    Entire families being donated £20 in Asda vouchers to provide a christmas for 6+ people.
    Social workers appealing to said charity to provide beds for children under 10 who have been sleeping on bare mattresses in bare bedrooms.

    I'd call that ******* poverty. Charity starts at home.
  10. A few of the many reasons why Unicef rated Britain as the worst country in the developed world to raise children. LINK

    Sadly, no it doesn't. I'm afraid spending money on Brits just doesn't give Gordon that warm feeling in his underpants that he gets from announcing a billion quids worth of aid for some African sh1thole that nobody's ever heard of.

    Take Swaziland - one of the poorest countries in the world. 1 in 4 have AIDS and most of the population depend on food handouts from charities to survive.

    The UK's entire foreign aid donation to the country last year was used to subsidise a $10 million 40th birthday celebration for the king. Previous years' donations have been used to buy a half million quid Maybach limmo for the king and a fleet of top of the range BMWs for his many wives.

    The Foreign Office turns a blind eye to how the money is spent so Gordon can keep feeling good about himself.
  11. Don't know how many here saw Korean orphans. Wearing only a vest that was always too short in winters where we had layers of clothing and were still frozen. Shoeless in snow two feet deep. Snot down to their chin frozen like icicles. I would deem that child poverty. Even a sybill stole food and clothing for them and I have no shame in that theft.
  12. You was lucky (i feel a monty python sketch coming on )
  13. when i was a kid i had to get up half an hour before i went to bed, and lick the road clean with me tongue or me dad would belt me wi a brocken today don't know they're born...feckless wnakers
  14. msr

    msr LE

    What is child poverty?
    The government definition is household income of less than 60 per cent of the median, or population midpoint, for that household type.

    What does this mean?
    An income of £222 per week (£11,544 per year) for a lone parent with two children aged 5 and 14 or £300 per week (£15,600 per year) for a couple with two children aged 5 and 14.

    What has the Government done?
    In 1999 it set a target of eradicating child poverty by 2020, having halved it by 2010 and reduced it by a quarter by 2005. Since 1996-97, child poverty has fallen by 600,000 before housing costs, which is now the preferred measure. However, the Government still missed the 2004-05 target and the latest child poverty figures, published in March, show that child poverty actually rose between 2004-05 and 2005-06

    How many children are now living in poverty?
    Government figures show that child poverty now stands at 2.8 million, which represents 22 per cent of all children in Britain.

    Source: Child Poverty Action Group
  15. The report I heard had it that families that have £10 or less disposable income i.e. after bills, food, rent, etc., are classed as living in poverty.

    The biggest problem is that nowadays the common definition of poverty relates to opportunities in society rather than material wealth. When you're thinking in terms of global relief efforts, this is fair enough from a certain point of view because you have to take into account that £10 in Malawi goes a hell of a lot further than in UK.

    Unfortunately it does let the lunatic fringe throw out some bizarre ideas about what social exclusion within the UK really is. Someone living on an outlying housing estate or rural village who's too poor to run a car and has to rely on the one bus every other hour to get anywhere, well that's going to have a definite effect on whether or not they can e.g. take up a place at Uni or get to an apprenticeship post. That's social exclusion, much as I hate the term. Someone not being able to afford the same stuff that all their mates have - that's just that horrible thing we call 'Life' on my planet.